New Orleans Saints: Top News, and Video Gumbo

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Plagues began being big news back in the old days in Egypt, but back then they were flies, frogs, and other such pesky issues, LOL… The Saints have been through a few plagues this season as well, the first was “The Plague of the Cheeseheads”

That one was pretty rough… but that’s what you get when you go to a strange town, and hang out in the wrong area with the wrong people, ha ha. We got the worst end of that one, but like many illnesses we came out of it stronger and hopefully with a bit of immunity for our next meeting.

The next plague for the Saints was the plague of Bears, but we came out pretty well on that one. We ended up with bearskin rugs for the winter, and bear steaks in the freezer.

The next plague was an invading horde of Texicans who swarmed across the border and tried to take the City of New Orleans. How did that work? Not too well, we spanked dat butt & sent’em packing home, LOL…

These days the plague that concerns the New Orleans Saints the most is good, old-fashioned injuries. When the Texans hit town, we already had a few important ones. Do the names Porter, Colston, and Vilma ring a bell? Well, by the time the game was over we had twice that many more at the sideline or the locker room licking their wounds.

In the end, the Saints still prevailed, and Saints head coach Sean Peyton was pleased with the results:

“Oftentimes you get into a game and a player has to step up, and we had a lot of guys who had to step up into roles maybe they didn’t get (practice snaps) at”

“When you look at de la Puente and Charles Brown and you look at the snaps defensively that guys at linebacker had to get, that was encouraging, to go in and function and play well enough to win was most encouraging.”

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