Packers rise to the top, Chargers climb, and 49ers fall hard in Week 14 Power Rankings


Nov 30, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) walks away after shaking hands with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) at the end of the game at Lambeau Field. The Packers beat the Patriots 26-21. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

Packers rise to the top, Chargers climb, and 49ers fall hard

Personally, I’m very sad to say that there’s only four weeks of regular season football left in the NFL year. It really feels like this season (and year) blew by. I mean, we wake up and realize that we’re just 22 days away from Christmas. Let that sink in a bit.

At any rate, we’ll make the most of what football we do have left. It’s time for my Week 14 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!

28. That was the worst showing I’ve witnessed from any team in quite some time. The Raiders were shelled for 52 points, 38 of those coming in the first half. It’s like they just took the field, and nothing else... (1-11). Previous: 32nd. Oakland Raiders. 32. team

team. 52. Yet another rare reason to celebrate in Jacksonville, as they knocked off the visiting Giants. Still, this team has a lot of issues, and shouldn’t be thought of as anything higher than 30.. (2-10). Previous: 31st. Jacksonville Jaguars. 31

30. Almost a win, but the saying is almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. I definitely fear it’s the end of the road for Rex Ryan in New York.. (2-10). Previous: 30th. New York Jets. 30. team

35. I know there have been plenty of disappointing teams this year, but the Titans fit into the debate of ‘one of the most disappointing’. Ken Whisenhunt is a good coach, but simply doesn’t have the talent to win. They’re a work in progress.. (2-10). Previous: 29th. Tennessee Titans. 29. team

Done in by a penalty, as the final sequence of events was a crazy spectacle to watch. The cliff notes version: Big completion to set up the go ahead field goal, Marvin Lewis throws a challenge flag (which is something you technically can’t do), 12 men on the field. The Bucs can’t convert after being backed up, and lose after a turnover on downs.. (2-10). Previous: 28th. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 28. team. 48

87. So much for that ‘getting back into the NFC South race’. The Panthers haven’t won since October 5th. They look terrible, there’s no other way to put it.. (3-8-1). Previous: 27th. Carolina Panthers. 27. team

25. team. 31. Wow, what a flop. The Giants were heavily favored to beat the Jags, but failed to deliver. It really sums up how bad things are in New York right now.. (3-9). Previous: 23rd. New York Giants

Previous: 21st. Chicago Bears. 24. team. 57. They looked like they were poised to upset the Lions on Thanksgiving, but unfortunately the Bears took a major step back. They didn’t look good at all, and now have a tall order in hosting the Cowboys.. (5-7)

15. The upset victory over the Steelers was something many didn’t foresee happening, but the Saints looked good on offense. It resembled the performance of what we were expecting out of them at the beginning of the year. I’m not ready to move them up high on ranks until I see them handle the Panthers at home. It won’t be easy.. (5-7). Previous: 25th. New Orleans Saints. 23. team

44. The Falcons did their part to fend off the Saints from taking back the division by beating the Cardinals at home. They travel to Green Bay this week, which is not an easy place to play. Does this team really have what it takes to represent the NFC South?. (5-7). Previous: 24th. Atlanta Falcons. 22. team

(5-7). Previous: 22nd. Minnesota Vikings. 21. team. 60. How about those special teams? That was a crazy outing, and I hope you snuck the Vikings D/ST in your fantasy lineups.

51. By now, you should know that beating the Raiders doesn’t get you far in the Power Rankings, but that was an impressive blowout and shutout performance by the Rams.. (5-7). Previous: 20th. St. Louis Rams. 20. team

It’s not like we didn’t expect the Texans to beat the Titans, but Ryan Fitzpatrick caught fire. If only he would have done that earlier and more often this season. Houston is far away in the Wild Card race, but a win over the Jaguars this week and a few other teams ahead of them losing will certainly make it interesting.. (6-6). Previous: 19th. Houston Texans. 19. team. 10

Brian Hoyer gets benched for Johnny Manziel. Manziel breaks wind and the league eats it up. Do something like win a game, and then I might start believing in your abilities.. (7-5). Previous: 18th. Cleveland Browns. 18. team. 53

17. team. 16. The Bills were able to return to Ralph Wilson Stadium and knock off the Browns, much to the surprise of many. Unfortunately for the Bills, they have to travel to Denver this week and take on the Broncos. I don’t see it happening, Kyle Orton.. (7-5). Previous: 18th. Buffalo Bills

Two straight division losses has the Chiefs highly frustrated. They just can’t get receiver production, which is killing them. Now they’ll have to hope for a road win against the Cardinals this week.. (7-5). Previous: 14th. Kansas City Chiefs. 16. team. 124

Miami Dolphins. 15. team. 59. A win’s a win in the NFL, but they didn’t play nearly as dominant as they could have against the Jets. They have some major improvements to work on for their next test, which could put them at the outside looking in when it’s all said and done.. (7-5). Previous: 17th

Baltimore Ravens. 14. team. 26. The Ravens defense fell apart at the wrong time, plain and simple. They have a chance for redemption if they can knock off the Dolphins on the road this week, who just happen to hold the final playoff spot right now.. (7-5). Previous: 12th

42. I think the 49ers are in for a complete meltdown over this next month. Jim Harbaugh is going away, and it’s tough to keep things going when there’s so many more problems. Luckily, they play the dismal Raiders this week.. (7-5). Previous: 9th. San Francisco 49ers. 13. team

team. 55. When Big Ben hit his hand on Curtis Lofton, that changed everything for the Steelers. They were completely ripped apart on defense by Drew Brees and Mark Ingram. For their sake, they can only hope it was just a bump in the road. After all, they’re really staring on the outside looking in the AFC Playoff picture.. (7-5). Previous: 9th. Pittsburgh Steelers. 12

13. The Chargers marched into Baltimore and did something many teams have failed to do over the past few years, and that’s win. Rivers and company have a glorious opportunity to make some believers out the Bolts if they can knock off the Patriots.. (8-4). Previous: 16th. San Diego Chargers. 11. team

10. team. 46. Andrew Luck continues to play at a very high level, as high receiving corp remains a very lethal threat. They should win the AFC South with ease. Watch out for this week against the Browns, who desperately need to win to stay alive in the postseason discussion.. (8-4). Previous: 13th. Indianapolis Colts

56. It wasn’t a pretty victory, but the Bengals were able to escape their respective trap game against the Buccaneers, thanks to a crazy last minute of action.. (8-3-1). Previous: 11th. Cincinnati Bengals. 9. team

(8-4). Previous: 7th. Dallas Cowboys. 8. team. 123. Dallas looked bad, and something looks very off with Tony Romo right now. Thursday’s game against the Bears will be a big tell-tale if this team will be up for another December full of woes again or not.

team. 50. I definitely understand the fact that the Lions have played two really good teams in the past two contests, but if you’re going to make the playoffs, win your division, and make us believers, you have to win those games.. (8-4). Previous: 8th. Detroit Lions. 7

36. Huge division win against the 49ers on Thanksgiving. The Seahawks had not won in San Francisco since 2008, and manhandled the 49ers. They look like the clear favorite to challenge the Cardinals for the NFC West.. (8-4). Previous: 7th. Seattle Seahawks. 6. team

54. The Eagles put on a clinic against the Cowboys in front of a nationally televised Thanksgiving audience. Nothing about their play suggested that they aren’t emerging as a team that could be challenging the Packers in the postseason. They still have some work to do, and have a huge contest on their hands by hosting the Seahawks this week.. (9-3). Previous: 5th. Philadelphia Eagles. 5. team

Previous: 3rd. Arizona Cardinals. 4. team. 32. The Cardinals laid a major egg against the Falcons. Their record is still favorable, but two straight weeks of losses have us wondering if the Cards are going to let the Seahawks or 49ers take them out. They do have a major advantage of hosting the Chiefs at home this week, but this offense needs to produce.. (9-3

The Broncos climb back up the ladders after a big divisional win, and clearly look like the frontrunner to challenge the Patriots for the AFC crown.. (9-3). Previous: 4th. Denver Broncos. 3. team. 45

47. Despite losing, the Patriots still look like the best team in the AFC right now. The team has what it takes to stay on top in the conference, but will be tested heavily against the Chargers this week.. (9-3). Previous: 1st. New England Patriots. 2. team

team. 49. I really believe the Pats and Packers may see each other again in the Super Bowl. Obviously, a lot can happen in between that timeframe, but Aaron Rodgers is playing too well to suggest anything other than the Pack being the top.. (9-3). Previous: 2nd. Green Bay Packers. 1

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