Patriots claim top spot, Packers climb, and the NFC South remains a jumbled mess in Week 13 Power Rankings


Nov 23, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) congratulates tight end Tim Wright (81) after a touchdown during the second quarter against the Detroit Lions at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

Patriots claim top spot, Packers climb, and the NFC South remains a jumbled mess

This NFL season is going by way too fast, in my opinion. The hour-glass is running out for many teams right now, and we’re going to have some amazing battles as we head into the final weeks of the season.  It’s Thanksgiving action, and we have some great matchups to look forward to.

Until then, I give you my Week 13 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!

(1-10). Previous: 32nd. Oakland Raiders. 32. team. 28. It wouldn’t be the Raiders if you didn’t have some last-minute drama that nearly cost them the game. Still, this team earned their first victory of the season, but it doesn’t mean much in terms of power ranks.

team. 52. They were able to frustrate Andrew Luck some on Sunday, but it wasn’t nearly enough to warrant a win. You’re staring at the first or second pick in the draft.. (1-10). Previous: 31st. Jacksonville Jaguars. 31

team. 30. I knew better than to rank the Jets anything above 30. They look like a team that is going to have major changes this offseason, and it’ll start with Rex Ryan.. (2-9). Previous: 29th. New York Jets. 30

Previous: 30th. Tennessee Titans. 29. team. 35. They really have some potential with rookie Zach Mettenberger, but the supporting cast doesn’t favor the Titans this season. Perhaps they’ll get it going next year.. (2-9)

(2-9). Previous: 28th. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 28. team. 48. Such is the trend of the NFL from week to week. You go in and do the impossible, and then fall flat on your face the next week. This team still has a shot to win the NFC South, and that’s just insane. 

Previous: 27th. Carolina Panthers. 27. team. 87. Fresh off of a bye week and full of energy with a huge chance to make the NFC South interesting. They’ll attempt to slay the Vikings, and put tons of pressure on the Falcons and Saints.. (3-7-1)

New Orleans Saints. 25. team. 15. Another opportunity wasted by the Saints, as they dropped their third straight home game, and no longer can boast that the Superdome is their saving grace. Don’t expect things to suddenly change against the Steelers this week. This team has too many issues.. (4-7). Previous: 25th

It was quite hilarious to see Arthur Blank prematurely celebrate a Falcons win. The Browns popped the Falcons bubble, but somehow they are representing the NFC South in the playoffs right now. Disgusting.. (4-7). Previous: 25th. Atlanta Falcons. 24. team. 44

(3-8). Previous: 23rd. New York Giants. 23. team. 31. It doesn’t really matter that the Giants lost in the last minutes of the game, how about that Odell Beckham one-handed catch? That was a thing of beauty, and it’s the best catch I’ve ever witnessed in my 25+ years of watching football.

Minnesota Vikings. 22. team. 60. It’s crazy to think that the Vikings would be the best team in the NFC South right now, along with just about every other team in the NFL. At any rate, they lost a close one to the Packers, and virtually have no shot at a Wild Card. The bigger story is around what happens with Adrian Peterson.. (4-7). Previous: 21st

57. Jay Cutler might be seeing his last days in a Bears uniform, but he overcame struggles and the Bears did the smart thing and fed Matt Forte to help them win. They’re clinging to Wild Card contention, but only by a tiny piece of string.. (5-6). Previous: 22nd. Chicago Bears. 21. team

Shaun Hill wishes he could have that pass back that was intercepted at the goal line. That’s just how it’s been for the Rams this season.. (4-7). Previous: 20th. St. Louis Rams. 20. team. 51

It was one thing to lose to the Bengals, but another to lose Ryan Mallett for the rest of the season. The Texans turn back to Ryan Fitzpatrick, but should rebound against the Titans.. (5-6). Previous: 18th. Houston Texans. 19. team. 10

team. 16. You might say the Bills won because of how bad the Jets are, but credit them for just executing everywhere against them. It’ll be interesting to see if the Bills can keep it going as they host the Browns this week in the return to Ralph Wilson Stadium.. (6-5). Previous: 17th. Buffalo Bills. 18

59. They backed the Broncos into a corner, but failed to finish them. You have to win those type of games when the opportunity presents itself.. (6-5). Previous: 16th. Miami Dolphins. 17. team

13. Wins in back to back weeks, but the Chargers have struggled in the two victories. Now they’ll travel to Baltimore to play a highly confident Ravens team.. (7-4). Previous: 17th. San Diego Chargers. 16. team

53. Josh Gordon definitely provided the shot in the arm for the Browns that was needed. Brian Hoyer lucked out after throwing the game away twice, but he delivered when it mattered most, and the Browns escaped with a big win.. (7-4). Previous: 15th. Cleveland Browns. 15. team

14. team. 124. Really Chiefs? It’s Oakland. You come off a huge win against the Seahawks only to fizzle against the league’s only winless team. Now you host the Broncos on <em>Sunday Night Football</em>.. (7-4). Previous: 8th. Kansas City Chiefs

team. 46. Andrew Luck had some really weird moments, but they were able to fend off their AFC South rivals last week. Congrats to T.Y. Hilton on the birth of his new baby girl.. (7-4). Previous: 13th. Indianapolis Colts. 13

team. 26. Justin Forsett is having a heck of a season as the Ravens featured back, and the team picked up a huge win to keep pace with the rest of the AFC North.. (7-4). Previous: 14th. Baltimore Ravens. 12

team. 56. The Bengals finally exercised their Houston demons last week, as they finally won in Houston for the first time since 2002. The team plays the lowly Bucs this week, which should help them stay in command.. (7-3-1). Previous: 12th. Cincinnati Bengals. 11

team. 42. They won, yes, but they struggled heavily against the Redskins at home. The Seahawks come to town for a Thanksgiving feast, will the 49ers answer the challenge?. (7-4). Previous: 10th. San Francisco 49ers. 10

55. Fresh off a bye to look to sink the Saints. It sounds like a dream scenario for Big Ben and Le’Veon Bell. Dick Lebeau is going to throw everything he has and then some at Drew Brees.. (7-4). Previous: 9th. Pittsburgh Steelers. 9. team

I definitely understand the fact that the Lions have played two really good teams in the past two contests, but if you’re going to make the playoffs, win your division, and make us believers, you have to win those games.. (7-4). Previous: 4th. Detroit Lions. 8. team. 50

36. Hey, when you knock off the league’s best team (in regards to record), there’s much praise to be given. The date with the 49ers is going on Thursday is going to tell us a lot as to who wants to claim a potential Wild Card spot more. . (7-4). Previous: 11th. Seattle Seahawks. 7. team

123. The Cowboys almost let one slip away against the New York Giants, but this team is simply not making the mistakes that have been characteristic of Cowboy teams past. I’m eager to watch football Thursday.. (8-3). Previous: 7th. Dallas Cowboys. 6. team

team. 54. It wasn’t the prettiest of games, but the Eagles were able to find their groove to get a win. Dallas is nipping on their heels, and we’re going to be in for a heck of a Thanksgiving matchup.. (8-3). Previous: 6th. Philadelphia Eagles. 5

It took a comeback to defeat the Dolphins, but Peyton Manning and company got the job done. With them opting for a veteran kicker to their mix, it helps this team down the stretch. They’ll have a major test on their hands facing the Chiefs on the road this week, and we know that that game can go either way.. (8-3). Previous: 5th. Denver Broncos. 4. team. 45

32. The Cardinals defense was able to neutralize the Seahawks offense better than many thought, but their offense was flat. They still sport the league’s best record, along with the Patriots, so they can’t fall too far. They’ll have a big road date with the Falcons on Sunday.. (9-2). Previous: 1st. Arizona Cardinals. 3. team

They didn’t need to put up 50+ points this week, and still were able to fend off the Vikings in a tough NFC North battle. They’ll really have a huge test on their hands with the visiting Patriots, in what should be the game of the week.. (8-3). Previous: 3rd. Green Bay Packers. 2. team. 49

47. With a Cardinals loss, it’s a unanimous choice for the top spot. The Pats manhandled the Lions, and definitely look the part to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl at this point. They are definitely the favorites at this point.. (9-2). Previous: 2nd. New England Patriots. 1. team

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