Broncos rise to top, Bengals & Seahawks fall in Week 7 Power Rankings


Oct 12, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Dallas Cowboys middle linebacker Rolando McClain (55) celebrates after a failed fourth down play by the Seattle Seahawks during the fourth quarter of a 26-20 Dallas victory at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

Browns, Bears, Colts improve; Broncos Rise to Top; Bengals and Seahawks take a tumble

It’s almost sad that to think that we’re rapidly approaching the halfway point of the NFL Season. Overall, you might say that there haven’t been as many shocks as once thought up when before the season kicked off. The struggling teams from last year are still struggling (Bucs, Jags, Raiders), and the strong teams are still in full force (Eagles, 49ers, Broncos). The Cowboys beating the Seahawks seemed to dominate most of the storylines in Week 6, but they aren’t as close to the top in my Week 7 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-6) | Previous Ranking: 32

Things are going as expected in Jacksonville. Is this team moving to London or Los Angeles?

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-5) | Previous Ranking: 28 (-3)

Five touchdown passes allowed in the first half to Joe Flacco, and they were blown out much like the game against the Falcons. This team looks terrible.

30. Oakland Raiders (0-5) | Previous Ranking: 31 (+1)

They nearly pulled off a huge upset of the visiting Chargers, but fell short. It’s encouraging to see them play better at least.

29. New York Jets (1-5) | Previous Ranking: 30 (+1)

It was more of a trap game for the Broncos, but the Jets still did not look good on offense. Now they’re minus another corner for the rest of the season. It doesn’t look good for Rex Ryan.

28. Washington Redskins (1-5) | Previous Ranking: 29 (+1)

It was a lot closer game than anyone might have thought upon first glance, but the Skins lost again. They’ve dropped four in a row, and nothing really seems to be encouraging about their play.

27. St. Louis Rams (1-4) | Previous Ranking: 27

They jumped out to a lead, but then went into self-destruct mode. Now they get to host a Seahawks team that just lost at home. You see where I’m going?

26. Minnesota Vikings (2-4) | Previous Ranking: 25 (-1)

This offense couldn’t get anything going, which has been the story the past couple of weeks. They might have a better showing against the Bills, but they still aren’t looking like much.

25. Tennessee Titans (2-4) | Previous Ranking: 26 (+1)

Sure, they won, but they beat the Jaguars….by two points.

24. Atlanta Falcons (2-4) | Previous Ranking: 21 (-3)

Remember how quick people were jumping on the bandwagon after their upset victory of the Saints in Week One? Neither do I, because they’re all gone now.

23. Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) | Previous Ranking: 23

Fresh off of a bye week, and they’ll travel to play the red-hot Chargers. Maybe they’ll make a game of it.

22. New Orleans Saints (2-3) | Previous Ranking: 22

They have a tough test on their hands by facing the Lions on the road. They’ve dropped six straight regular season road games, and have had much success off of a bye week under Sean Payton. Something has to give. You’d think.

21. Miami Dolphins (2-3) | Previous Ranking: 20 (-1)

Toughest. Loss. Ever. Now they’ll face a Bears team that has struggled at home.

20. Cleveland Browns (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 24 (+4)

Are these Browns for real? They play the Jaguars on the road, and dare I say….they’ll be 4-2 when it’s all said and done?

19. Buffalo Bills (3-3) | Previous Ranking: 18 (-1)

The millenium results of this matchup dictated that the Bills were going to lose. They should rebound against the Vikings. Should.

18. New York Giants (3-3) | Previous Ranking: 16 (-2)

No more Victor Cruz for the Giants (my personal best wishes for him). It’s now the former-LSU show at wide receiver with Ruben Randle and Odell Beckham Jr. How will Eli respond with a huge game against the hot Cowboys?

17. Carolina Panthers (3-2-1) | Previous Ranking: 17

The team who was thought to not have an offense despite the lack of returning receivers has endured. However, they have to travel to Lambeau this Sunday.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3) | Previous Ranking: 15 (-1)

Ouch, they looked horrible against the Browns. That was as bad of a loss that I can remember for the Steelers.

15. Chicago Bears (3-3) | Previous Ranking: 19 (+4)

They started great, and then fell apart. For the moment, they’re at the bottom of the barrel in the NFC North.

14. Houston Texans (3-3) | Previous Ranking: 13 (-1)

They were the textbook definition of not quitting. It was good to see Arian Foster kick it into high gear. They’ll be playing at the Steelers this weekend in another prime time showdown.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (3-1-1) | Previous Ranking: 6 (-7)

A tie is the worst thing in the world for the NFL. The Bengals will be minus A.J. Green again, and just don’t look right defensively. They need to find themselves quickly.

12. Baltimore Ravens (4-2) | Previous Ranking: 12

I can’t tell if the Ravens offense was that good, or the Bucs defense was just that bad. Kudos to Joe Flacco, however.

11. Indianapolis Colts (4-2) | Previous Ranking: 14 (+3)

They came out firing on all cylinders against the Texans, let their guard down some, but ended up prevailing. They really have their hands full this weekend with the Bengals coming to town.

10. New England Patriots (4-2) | Previous Ranking: 11 (+1)

They overcame some early struggles to earn a victory in Buffalo. This team is minus Stevan Ridley and Jerod Mayo the rest of the way, I wonder how that will affect them.

9. Detroit Lions (4-2) | Previous Ranking: 9

Defensively, they looked great – only surrendering 3 points to the Vikings. Offensively? They missed Calvin Johnson. They have a huge chance to potentially ‘sink the Saints’ this weekend.

8. Green Bay Packers (4-2) | Previous Ranking: 10 (+2)

They needed the final drive to win the game, but you can’t ever count out Rodgers and company. They return home to face the Panthers.

7. Seattle Seahawks (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 1 (-6)

Seriously, try convincing me that they belong higher. Sure, they’ll beat the Rams Sunday, but they’re going to have to win the tough games.

6. San Francisco 49ers (4-2) | Previous Ranking: 8 (+2)

They avoided disaster on Monday Night Football by overcoming a deficit against the Rams. Now they’ll truly be tested by playing in Denver on Sunday Night Football

5. Arizona Cardinals (4-1) | Previous Ranking: 7 (+2)

They responded from their beating from the Broncos by handling the Redskins. Carson Palmer is back, and that’s a good thing for the team. They could be upset against the Raiders this weekend.

4. Dallas Cowboys (5-1) | Previous Ranking: 5 (+1)

So many people are jumping on this bandwagon, and it’s borderline hilarious. Have they looked good? Yes. Do you honestly expect them to stay on top, or buckle under the pressure like they always do? They have the Giants coming to town, and you can always expect a tough game.

3. San Diego Chargers (5-1) Previous Ranking: 4 (+1)

It sure will be interesting to see the Chargers and Broncos play soon. The Chiefs are a classic ‘trap game’ for the Chargers, as you never know what to expect from divisional clashes.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (5-1) | Previous Ranking: 3 (+1)

Just when I started to question the defensive output of this team, they pitch a shutout against the Giants. They’ll enjoy a nice break this week.

1. Denver Broncos (4-1) | Previous Ranking: 2 (+1)

A hard-fought win over the Jets, and now they host the 49ers, which should be a great game.

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