Week 6 NFL Power Rankings


Oct 6, 2014; Landover, MD, USA; Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) runs with the ball as Washington Redskins strong safety Bashaud Breeland (26) tackles during the second half at FedEx Field. The Seahawks won27-17. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

Falcons fall, Cowboys rise, and Cardinals, Bengals take a tumble as Broncos and Seahawks reclaim top spots

The term ‘mixed bag’ comes to mind when thinking about last week’s football. We saw a ton of blowouts and close games. It felt as if it was one side of the spectrum or the other. We saw teams come back (Browns, Saints), and teams win on final play Cowboys, Bills). We do not have a single undefeated team at this point of the season. On the other hand, we still have two winless teams (Jaguars, Raiders). Here’s my Week 6 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5) | Previous Ranking: 32

They’re not going anywhere any time soon, and they’ll have to try to get their first win of the season at Tennessee.

31. Oakland Raiders (0-4) | Previous Ranking: 31

After a bye week and a new interim head coach, the Raiders will host their division rivals, the San Diego Chargers. Not the easiest of ways to start.

30. New York Jets (1-4) | Previous Ranking: 30

The quarterback situation is a complete mess in New York. The Jets offense was shut out, and now they’ll have to host the Broncos. Good luck.

29. Washington Redskins (1-4) | Previous Ranking: 29

Give Cousins and the Redskins a little bit of credit. They did much better than anyone thought against the Seahawks. You’d swear that the Seahawks were the only team playing going into that game.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-4) | Previous Ranking: 28

They nearly pulled off another upset against the Saints, but this team’s lack of discipline lost them that game.

27. St. Louis Rams (1-3) | Previous Ranking: 27

After being blown out early by the Eagles, the Rams showed signs of life in the second half, and nearly pulled off a miraculous come from behind victory. You just never know, right?

26. Tennessee Titans (1-4) | Previous Ranking: 26

Of all teams to lose a heartbreaker to, how about the Browns? Charlie Whitehurst came in and did a good job at first, but that was about it.

25. Minnesota Vikings (2-3) | Previous Ranking: 24  (-1)

They looked as expected with Christian Ponder playing quarterback against the Packers.

24. Cleveland Browns (2-2) | Previous Ranking: 25 (+1)

Tremendous rally to defeat the Titans on the road, the Browns have come a long way.

23. Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) | Previous Ranking: 19 (-4)

From one high to one low, the Chiefs were bested by the 49ers. They’ll have a bye week to think about their next matchup.

22. New Orleans Saints (2-3) | Previous Ranking: 23 (+1)

They were able to rally and overcome the woes suffered against the Bucs, but this team still doesn’t look right.

21. Atlanta Falcons (2-3) | Previous Ranking: 15 (-6)

Like the Saints, the Falcons can’t win a game on the road to save their lives. Now they’ll host a Bears team that has lost the past two, and is in desperate need of a win.

20. Miami Dolphins (2-2) | Previous Ranking: 20

Can they pull off another upset at home with the visiting Packers?

19. Chicago Bears (2-3) | Previous Ranking: 13 (-6)

They started great, and then fell apart. For the moment, they’re at the bottom of the barrel in the NFC North.

18. Buffalo Bills (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 22 (+4)

Through five weeks of football, the Bills still hold first place in the AFC East. I can’t believe what I just typed!

17. Carolina Panthers (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 21 (+4)

Huge rally by the Panthers, they’re looking like the best team in the NFC South, but that’s not saying a whole heck of a lot.

16. New York Giants (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 18 (+2)

Dare I say that the Giants are starting to look better? They’ll have a very tough task playing Philly on Sunday Night Football without Rashad Jennings.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 17 (+2)

They had their hands full with the Jaguars, a classic trap game. Suddenly, this game against Cleveland becomes very important for both squads.

14. Indianapolis Colts (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 16 (+2)

This team looks nothing like the 0-2 starters, they continue to get better each week, but they now face a short week and division foe.

13. Houston Texans (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 10 (-3)

They nearly pulled off the upset, nearly. They’ll have their hands full with the Colts coming to town on Thursday.

12. Baltimore Ravens (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 8 (-4)

There weren’t many Ravens that looked comfortable playing on Sunday. They should rebound against the lowly Bucs, however.

11. New England Patriots (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 14 (+3)

Vintage Patriots, they respond from a horrid loss by a blow up win.

10. Green Bay Packers (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 12 (+2)

If you ever needed a reason as to why the Packers are a lethal team, you got your answer on Thursday Night Football.

9. Detroit Lions (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 9 (-2)

Who is this team suddenly? They were defeated at home by the Bills. They now have their third kicker of this young season to attempt to stop the bleeding and woes. They should be able to accomplish that by playing the Vikings this week.

8. San Francisco 49ers (3-2) | Previous Ranking: 11 (+3)

Another big win for the 49ers, and they’re suddenly back on right track.

7. Arizona Cardinals (3-1) | Previous Ranking: 2 (-5)

You know as well as I do that it was a mere ‘pipe dream’ to see the Cards beat the Broncos. They got beat down, plain and simple.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) | Previous Ranking: 1 (-5)

That was as ugly of a Sunday Night game as the Saints-Cowboys, is it a trend we’re going to start seeing now?.

5. Dallas Cowboys (4-1) | Previous Ranking: 9 (+4)

Fuel the bandwagon even more, as they won the Battle of Texas! Don’t be surprised when they don’t beat the Seahawks.

4. San Diego Chargers (4-1) Previous Ranking: 6 (+2)

I expected them to beat the Jets, but a shutout? Most impressive. Oh yeah, Antonio Gates can still play really well, and everyone quickly scurry to scoop up Branden Oliver for your fantasy team!

3. Philadelphia Eagles (4-1) | Previous Ranking: 5 (+2)

The offense continues to do well, but I’m starting to really wonder about that defense. How long can one sustain this formula?

2. Denver Broncos (3-1) | Previous Ranking: 4 (+2)

They thrashed the undefeated Cardinals in impressive style, even without Montee Ball.

1. Seattle Seahawks (3-1) | Previous Ranking: 3 (+2)

They go back where they belong, and have a true test on their hands playing the 4-1 Cowboys.

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