Steelers, Saints, Patriots rise while the Bears, Ravens, and Colts tumble in Week 9 Power Rankings


Oct 26, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) celebrates with tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) after scoring a touchdown against the Chicago Bears during the first half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

Steelers, Saints, Patriots rise while the Bears, Ravens, and Colts tumble

We’re passing the halfway point of the season, and we can safely say that the NFL is hard to figure out. Honestly, would you have thought the Cardinals and Lions would be top dogs right now? On the other hand, would you have thought the 49ers, Saints, and Seahawks would struggle so much? It was another highly entertaining week of football, and we could all laugh about the Falcons and Cowboys losing together.

I give you my Week 9 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!

(0-7). Previous: 32nd. Oakland Raiders. 32. team. 28. It’s like a horrible nightmare if you’re a fan of the Raiders right now. However, it’s nothing you aren’t already used to.

48. Well, they had a chance to beat the Vikings, but literally ‘dropped the ball’ in overtime. There’s all sorts of trade rumors floating out there, and they’ve become a massive disappointment in Lovie Smith’s first season.. (1-6). Previous: 31st. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 31. team

52. You honestly couldn’t believe that this team would follow up their first win of the season with another win, did you?. (1-7). Previous: 30th. Jacksonville Jaguars. 30. team

They did hang with Buffalo for the most part, but Geno Smith is looking more and more like a tremendous bust, and not even Michael Vick will be able to turn the tide for the Jets. Is it honestly time to part with Rex?. (1-7). Previous: 29th. New York Jets. 29. team. 30

team. 44. They surrendered their largest lead in franchise history, blowing another game. Coach Smith is on the hot seat, and Arthur Blank can’t buy a win to save his life. At least they have a bye week to think about their next plan of attack.. (2-6). Previous: 26th. Atlanta Falcons. 28

Previous: 25th. Tennessee Titans. 27. team. 35. Well, they tried to let Zach Mettenberger get it going for the team, but the defense was atrocious. It hasn’t been a good season for Ken Whisenhunt and the Titans.. (2-6)

team. 51. One high to one low, just as we all suspected. Now they’ll have to travel to play the rival 49ers again.. (2-5). Previous: 23rd. St. Louis Rams. 26

(3-5). Previous: 27th. Minnesota Vikings. 25. team. 60. It wasn’t the prettiest victory, but the defense powered them through to earn a road victory. They could pass Chicago this week, but only if they beat the Skins first.

(3-5). Previous: 18th. Chicago Bears. 23. team. 57. This team is broken. They have a horrible defense, and they way that Lamarr Houston went down with the ACL injury about sums up their season. Maybe this team can find themselves during the bye week.

87. They had the opportunity of a lifetime to beat the defending Super Bowl Champs, but couldn’t get anything going on offense. Now they’ll face a highly confident Saints team, who could snatch the division from them.. (3-4-1). Previous: 19th. Carolina Panthers. 22. team

Houston Texans. 21. team. 10. That was more like the Texans team in the first four weeks of the season, but I’m not willing to move them high based off beating the Titans. Plus they have to face a reeling Eagles team desperately needing a win.. (4-4). Previous: 22nd

31. They’re coming off a bye, and face the Colts, who were just embarassed by the Steelers. Could Eli replicate success similar to Big Ben?. (3-4). Previous: 20th. New York Giants. 20. team

team. 53. The Browns are back over .500, which is something you have to say again to really make it hit home. They beat the lowly Raiders, and now face the lowly Bucs. You might just have a 5-3 team after it’s all said and done.. (4-3). Previous: 21st. Cleveland Browns. 19

Impressive win on the national stage for the Saints, and they have yet another ‘golden opportunity’ this Thursday. However, it’s on the road. Now is a great time to break the curse.. (3-4). Previous: 24th. New Orleans Saints. 18. team. 15

Previous: 17th. Kansas City Chiefs. 17. team. 124. It’s hard for me to move the Chiefs up after such an easy victory over the Rams.. (4-3)

59. See above ranking. Like the Chiefs, I can’t move the Dolphins up when they were completely expected to beat the Jags.. (4-3). Previous: 16th. Miami Dolphins. 16. team

team. 16. I know it’s early, but could we be seeing the Bills challenge the Pats for the division soon? They’re riding a major high right now, and have a bye week to prepare for their next challenge.. (5-3). Previous: 15th. Buffalo Bills. 15

Previous: 10th. Baltimore Ravens. 14. team. 26. They were one bad offensive pass interference call away from winning. Despite the horrible call, the Ravens had a glorious opportunity without playing against A.J. Green. Bad Flacco. Now they’ll have to hope to rebound against the Steelers, who haven’t forgot the last game.. (5-3)

Huge step back for the Colts, who were rolling before they visited Pittsburgh. Where in the world was the defense? Hopefully, they get it back on track this week, but it will be another challenge. Call it a trap game even.. (5-3). Previous: 9th. Indianapolis Colts. 13. team. 46

42. They should win against the Rams this week at home, but I still don’t get the feeling that this team is nearly as dominant as before. For those wondering why they’re ranked over Baltimore/Indy, I don’t lower bye team rankings.. (4-3). Previous: 12th. San Francisco 49ers. 12. team

11. team. 56. They’ll ride last week’s huge victory by playing those Jaguars.. (4-2-1). Previous: 14th. Cincinnati Bengals

Previous: 1th. Seattle Seahawks. 10. team. 36. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a win. Luckily for this team, they get to come back home and beat up on the Raiders.. (4-3)

team. 13. Manning and company were just too much for the Chargers. How does Emmanuel Sanders torch you the entire game? Now you’ll have to play a confident Dolphins team on the road.. (5-3). Previous: 7th. San Diego Chargers. 9

55. If you started Big Ben in your fantasy league this week, gold star for you. If you didn’t? Sorry to hear that. Here comes the Ravens, and the Steelers can’t possibly forget the last time they played.. (5-3). Previous: 13th. Pittsburgh Steelers. 8. team

49. So we’re going to blame the Aaron Rodgers injury for their inability to win a game? They were outplayed, and couldn’t convert a third down conversion to save their life. They’ll have a week to rest, and hopefully come back as the team we remember.. (5-3). Previous: 5th. Green Bay Packers. 7. team

54. It’s been a proven fact that Arizona is a tough place to play, and the Eagles were just another victim. They can’t sleep either, as they’ll have another road test on their hands against the Texans.. (5-2). Previous: 3rd. Philadelphia Eagles. 6. team

Previous: 2nd. Dallas Cowboys. 5. team. 123. It’s not even December yet, and the Cowboys suffered from stage fright. Kudos to the Redskins for knocking the Boys off in Jerry World. The bigger concern is Tony Romo’s health, and how they respond against the visiting Cardinals.. (6-2)

Previous: 8th. New England Patriots. 4. team. 47. It’s hard to remember that this team was struggling. However, they’ve been on fire, and have sent a message to the league that they’re for real. They have the game of the week against the Broncos. I can’t wait.. (6-2)

50. One simply does not count the Lions out of it, ever. They’re sitting high and mighty right now in the NFC North, and have a bye week to get back Megatron.. (6-2). Previous: 6th. Detroit Lions. 3. team

32. They just keep winning, but now have a humongous task on their hands: knocking off the Dallas Cowboys on the road. This might a very short-lived ranking.. (6-1). Previous: 4th. Arizona Cardinals. 2. team

45. The Broncos continued to dominate, and did it again on the national stage. The Brady-Manning Bowl is set up for Sunday, and it should clearly entertain. Despite how the goes, it might not be the last time these two meet.. (6-1). Previous: 1st. Denver Broncos. 1. team

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