Chiefs and Packers climb, while the Saints continue to tumble in Week 12 Power Rankings


Nov 16, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd (15) celebrates a touchdown against the Detroit Lions during the first half at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

Chiefs and Packers climb, while the Saints continue to tumble

I’m regretfully telling you that we’re only several weeks away from the regular season ending. Can you believe that the Thanksgiving games are upon us next week? It just feels like this season was put in Fast Forward mode. Although, it could just be a side effect of me getting older.

I give you my Week 12 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!

team. 28. At least the Raiders have a little something going for them playing on <em>Thursday Night Football</em>, as the Chiefs are likely going to come off of a huge hangover from their victory over the Seahawks. However, it’s the Raiders.. (0-10). Previous: 32nd. Oakland Raiders. 32

52. Somehow, the Jags lost on their bye week. They will remain at the bottom of the barrel for the rest of the year.. (1-9). Previous: 31st. Jacksonville Jaguars. 31. team

Previous: 28th. Tennessee Titans. 30. team. 35. Even with a lead, and a chance to win, the Titans fell completely apart. I hope they’re scouting department is excellent.. (2-8)

30. When we last left the Jets, they were able to shock everyone by knocking off the Steelers. They get another crack at playing spoiler, but they have to travel to take on AFC East rival Buffalo. I don’t dare say that they’ll put together back to back wins.. (2-8). Previous: 30th. New York Jets. 29. team

team. 48. So much for me thinking that they’d lay down and play dead. Mike Evans is beyond legit, and he’s the lone bright spot for the reeling Bucs.. (2-8). Previous: 30th. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 28

I thought the Panthers could have pulled that one off, but when things aren’t going your way, they stay that way.. (3-7-1). Previous: 27th. Carolina Panthers. 27. team. 87

New Orleans Saints. 25. team. 15. Worst home showing I’ve ever seen in the Sean Payton Era. This team has no heart, passion, emotion, or answer for this pathetic excuse for a season.. (4-6). Previous: 19th

Previous: 25th. Atlanta Falcons. 24. team. 44. The NFC South is horrid, and the Falcons barely held on to win against the Panthers. Saying they’re the first place team right now is the equivalent of saying you have a brick of fool’s gold.. (4-6)

(3-7). Previous: 23rd. New York Giants. 23. team. 31. Odell Beckham Jr. continues to shock and awe, but the Giants haven’t been able to put together anything. They’ll now host those pesky Cowboys, but I don’t see them emerging victorious. For those wondering, yes, a bad NFC East team is better than all the NFC South teams right now.

Chicago Bears. 22. team. 57. The Bears finally broke their losing ways (especially at home) against the Vikes. It’s not saying much, but it’s a start. They still have major issues.. (4-6). Previous: 24th

Previous: 20th. Minnesota Vikings. 21. team. 60. As if a loss to the Bears wasn’t enough, they got another punch to the gut with the suspension of Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season. They have to host the red-hot Packers now.. (4-6)

team. 51. Strange things tend to happen for opposing teams that visit St. Louis. Maybe it’s all that Anheuser-Busch?. (4-6). Previous: 22nd. St. Louis Rams. 20

(5-5). Previous: 17th. Buffalo Bills. 19. team. 16. This is the Bills team we’ve known for over a decade, as they’ve dropped back to back games, and are sitting at .500. They can redeem themselves with a victory over the Jets, but they just aren’t playing at a high level.

team. 10. The bye week helped them tremendously, as the defense continues to lead the way for the Texans. Can they finally get it done against the visiting Bengals?. (5-5). Previous: 21st. Houston Texans. 18

13. It wasn’t exactly pretty, but it was a victory that broke the Chargers losing ways. They can keep it going this week against the Rams, but they’re going to have to play much better football.. (6-4). Previous: 18th. San Diego Chargers. 17. team

team. 59. Solid victory over the Bills, in what was a ridiculous display of officiating. Can they go in and slay the Broncos?. (6-4). Previous: 16th. Miami Dolphins. 16

Previous: 12th. Cleveland Browns. 15. team. 53. They failed to deliver against the Texans, and now look to a huge road game against the Falcons. However, the Browns have been quite successful against the NFC South this season (so has everyone else), and they get a major bump with Josh Gordon returning to action.. (6-4)

26. Fresh off of their bye week to go into the Superdome to potentially end the Saints season. It sounds like a perfect opportunity for John Harbaugh.. (6-4). Previous: 14th. Baltimore Ravens. 14. team

46. They had no answers for the Patriots, but will get back on track against the visiting Jaguars.. (6-4). Previous: 11th. Indianapolis Colts. 13. team

56. They marched into the Dome and completely dominated the Saints in every facet of the game. They have a huge date with a hungry Texans team this week.. (6-3-1). Previous: 13th. Cincinnati Bengals. 12. team

Previous: 8th. Seattle Seahawks. 11. team. 36. The Seahawks took a major step back last week by losing on the road to the Chiefs. They have an incredible amount of pressure right now as they host the Cardinals, the team that was able to put a dent in their vaunted home streak. The Seahawks need this victory, as they’re clinging to a the Wild Card race, but are well on the outside looking in. . (6-4)

team. 42. It’s the best case scenario for the 49ers right now, who are catching their stride when it counts. It should continue this week, as they return home to face the reeling Redskins.. (6-4). Previous: 11th. San Francisco 49ers. 10

9. team. 55. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with them trailing so much against the Titans, but Le’Veon Bell put the hammer down. They get a bye week to rest up for the visiting Saints. How about the LeGarrette Blount situation? Sour much?. (7-4). Previous: 9th. Pittsburgh Steelers

I’ve been extremely critical of the Chiefs in the power rankings, but they finally made me a huge believer with their victory at home over the Seattle Seahawks (I chose the Chiefs, too). They’ll have a short week to play a big ‘trap game’ against the Raiders on the road.. (7-3). Previous: 15th. Kansas City Chiefs. 8. team. 124

team. 123. Huge road contest in front of a nationally televised <em>Sunday Night Football </em>audience. It’s not December yet, so they’ll win, right?. (7-3). Previous: 7th. Dallas Cowboys. 7

Previous: 5th. Philadelphia Eagles. 6. team. 54. They’re desperately going to need to beat up on the visiting Titans this week. That defense was exposed in the worst way possible. That’s kind of the identity that Chip Kelly’s squad has gained since last year. The offense was nowhere to be found.. (7-3)

Previous: 4th. Denver Broncos. 5. team. 45. Something told me that the Rams were going to pull off an upset. That was the worst outing I’ve seen from Peyton Manning in God knows how long. They hopefully rebound against the Dolphins, but honestly, who has a clue these days?. (7-3)

team. 50. I picked against the Lions last week (see Cardinals power ranking comments). They do have the lead over the Packers, but they aren’t playing at the level the Pack is now. They have another rough road contest on their hands this week traveling to New England. It could go really south fast, and send the NFL playoff scenarios into a frenzy.. (7-3). Previous: 3rd. Detroit Lions. 4

49. Two 50 burgers in a row. They exposed the Eagles in a bad way. The Lions are going to have to watch out, as the Pack is poised to snatch the division away.. (7-3). Previous: 6th. Green Bay Packers. 3. team

47. They’re the best team in the AFC right now, hands down. Who would have thought Jonas Gray would do that? Let alone, a Pats rushing attack that kills? Insane.. (8-2). Previous: 2nd. New England Patriots. 2. team

32. I told you guys last week in my Power Rankings and Pick’em that one does not simply beat the Cardinals at home. The Cards continued to impress, despite Drew Stanton playing quarterback. However, this might be short-lived as the Cards travel to take on the Seahawks. Sure, they won last year (doing the impossible), but can lightning strike twice?. (9-1). Previous: 1st. Arizona Cardinals. 1. team

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