Saints and Dolphins falter, while the Browns and 49ers vault in Week 11 Power Rankings


Nov 10, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez (3) celebrates at the end of the game against the Carolina Panthers at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Saints and Dolphins falter, while the Browns and 49ers vault

The NFL year continues to move along, and we’re entering the phase of the season where teams will turn into Jekyll or Hyde with several weeks left until the playoffs. I know it seems like it’s still a ways away, but it’ll be here faster than you think. Teams like the Browns continue to impress many, while others like the Raiders continue to leave us scratching our head.

I give you my Week 11 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!

(0-9). Previous: 32nd. Oakland Raiders. 32. team. 28. I’m really starting to wonder if Oakland will ever get a victory this season. They have a daunting task of facing divisional foe, San Diego, on Sunday. I don’t see it happening.

(1-9). Previous: 30th. Jacksonville Jaguars. 31. team. 52. That was the worst display of tackling I’ve witnessed in quite some time. How does that happen? They continue to struggle.

48. They could have beat the Falcons last week, but such is the life of a Tampa fan right now. They continue to have major problems. Are they going to win again? . (1-8). Previous: 29th. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 30. team

29. team. 30. I could see this playing out in my head. Big Ben comes to town on fire, and lays an egg against the Jets. At any rate, give the Jets a little love for at least winning for a change.. (2-8). Previous: 31st. New York Jets

Tennessee Titans. 28. team. 35. Ken Whisenhunt’s first season is not going well. This team has some major rebuilding ahead of them. They’ll host the Steelers on <em>Monday Night Football</em>, so I’m sure you won’t be watching.. (2-7). Previous: 27th

87. Remember the Panthers team that won the NFC South last year? Neither does anyone else. They look atrocious, and it’s not going to get any better with Atlanta coming to town.. (3-6-1). Previous: 25th. Carolina Panthers. 27. team

Atlanta Falcons. 25. team. 44. The team that they blew out early in the season came to play on Sunday, but they weren’t going to knock off the Falcons. It’s crazy to think that Atlanta has a real chance of dethroning and putting a stranglehold on the NFC South this Sunday.. (3-6). Previous: 28th

57. This is a pitiful team with a pitiful defense. Where in the world were the Bears from last year? It’s not getting any better around Chicago. They desperately need to beat the Vikings.. (3-6). Previous: 23rd. Chicago Bears. 24. team

team. 31. It’s tough for anyone to go into Seattle to win these days, but how about Odell Beckham Jr.? The Giants host the 49ers this week, don’t be optimistic.. (3-6). Previous: 24th. New York Giants. 23

I wonder if we’re going to hear anything about Gregg Williams and bounties on Carson Palmer. Too soon?. (3-6). Previous: 22nd. St. Louis Rams. 22. team. 51

Houston Texans. 21. team. 10. A much-needed by week for the Texans, and now they’ll have their hands full having to travel to Cleveland to take on the impressive Browns.. (4-5). Previous: 21st

Minnesota Vikings. 20. team. 60. Most things center around Adrian Peterson returning, which could aid the Vikings down the stretch. However, they’re going into Chicago to face a team that hasn’t won at home this season. I’m not sure Bridgewater is ready for it.. (4-5). Previous: 25th

19. team. 15. The story of the Saints season: Overcome a deficit, take the game, lose the game. It’s frustrating right now in NOLA. They need a victory against the Bengals.. (4-5). Previous: 13th. New Orleans Saints

Previous: 19th. San Diego Chargers. 18. team. 13. It’s time to break the losing streak, and you’ve had extra time to get things back on track against the visiting Raiders. Let’s go Rivers.. (5-4)

Previous: 15th. Buffalo Bills. 17. team. 16. I picked the Bills to beat the Chiefs, and I was wrong. It wasn’t for lack of effort, however. They have to shake it off as they play on a short week against an AFC East foe.. (5-4)

(5-4). Previous: 12th. Miami Dolphins. 16. team. 59. Relax Dolphins. You aren’t the only team, and won’t be the last to be Stafford’d in the last minutes in Detroit. They have a big game on <em>Thursday Night Football </em>against the rival Bills.

Kansas City Chiefs. 15. team. 124. I criticized the Chiefs for beating lowly teams over the past few weeks, but they got it done against the Bills. Now they’ll have their own ’12th Man’ to take on the Seahawks in a highly underrated huge matchup.. (6-3). Previous: 17th

Previous: 16th. Baltimore Ravens. 14. team. 26. I knew they’d beat the Titans, but it wasn’t the type of victory I was overly impressed with. They’ll go into a bye week to prepare against the Saints.. (6-4)

Previous: 10th. Cincinnati Bengals. 13. team. 56. Andy Dalton is struggling heavily, and the defense is missing Mike Zimmer. Can they get it going against a reeling Saints team?. (5-3-1)

12. team. 53. If you would have said that the Browns would be well above .500 in the back half of the season at any point during the off season, I would have simply laughed at you until passing out. Wow, what a win on <em>Thursday Night Football</em>, and they have a golden opportunity to improve with a win over the Texans. Is this team destined to make the postseason?. (6-3). Previous: 18th. Cleveland Browns

Previous: 11th. Indianapolis Colts. 11. team. 46. Here comes Tom Brady. What will you do with a week to prepare for the visiting Pats? My guess is that the Luck-Brady duel will be way better than the Manning-Brady duel.. (6-3)

A win is a win, no matter how you slice it. Suddenly, the 49ers are back on track. They got the biggest win of their season at the right time.. (5-4). Previous: 14th. San Francisco 49ers. 10. team. 42

team. 55. The Jets!? The Jets!? Come on Pittsburgh! What a disappointing loss.. (6-4). Previous: 6th. Pittsburgh Steelers. 9

8. team. 36. The team that was once struggling has put together a three-game winning streak. They have one of the best matchups of the week traveling to take on the Chiefs. Can they keep it going?. (6-3). Previous: 9th. Seattle Seahawks

team. 123. So you beat the Jaguars. So has everyone else. They’ll ride the bye this week, and hopefully that restores Romo’s health a little more for their sake.. (7-3). Previous: 8th. Dallas Cowboys. 7

6. team. 49. If you ever doubted Aaron Rodgers, then shame on you. That was as big of a statement game as I’ve ever seen. Wow.. (6-3). Previous: 7th. Green Bay Packers

Previous: 5th. Philadelphia Eagles. 5. team. 54. Mark Sanchez is a winner. When’s the last time you could say that? The Eagles beat up on the lowly Panthers, but now they’ll travel to Lambeau to take on the resurgent Packers. Tell me you don’t know what’s coming next.. (7-2)

team. 45. Okay Peyton Manning, you don’t have to play the entire game when you’re winning big. Broncos travel to play the Rams, and should keep rolling.. (7-2). Previous: 4th. Denver Broncos. 4

I don’t know how many more 4th quarter comebacks at home Matthew Stafford has in him, but they earned a victory over the Dolphins last week. Can they knock off the top ranked Cardinals this week?. (7-2). Previous: 3rd. Detroit Lions. 3. team. 50

team. 47. Things couldn’t be better for the Pats right now, who beat the Broncos last time we left them. This will be a very entertaining affair between the Pats-Colts on <em>Sunday Night Football</em>. I like them to continue showing that they’re the best in the AFC right now.. (7-2). Previous: 2nd. New England Patriots. 2

team. 32. I understand that many want to rank the Cardinals down because of Palmer being out for the rest of the season, but does Trent Dilfer ring a bell? The Cardinals can sustain, but have a real challenge on their hands with the Lions coming to town. Then again, the Cards haven’t lost at home in quite some time.. (8-1). Previous: 1st. Arizona Cardinals. 1

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