Cardinals and Patriots take the top spots, Steelers, Saints continue to rise while the Chargers tumble hard in Week 10 Power Rankings


Nov 2, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Arizona Cardinals receiver John Brown (13) celebrates his second quarter touchdown with quarterback Carson Palmer (3) against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

Cardinals and Patriots take the top spots, Steelers, Saints continue to rise while the Chargers tumble hard

It’s nearly depressing to think that we have only eight weeks of football left in the NFL. We have witnessed teams that have come out strong and then falter (Chargers), while others than have struggled to only rebound (Saints), and then surprising teams (Cardinals) dominate. If you would have called any of the results outside of the Raiders, Jets, and Jaguars being at the bottom of the barrel before the beginning of the season, then stop being so predictable.

I give you my Week 10 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!

Despite showing fight against the Seahawks, it still doesn’t equate to a win. I’m starting to wonder if this team will ever get a win this season (see the rest of their schedule).. (0-8). Previous: 32nd. Oakland Raiders. 32. team. 28

(1-8). Previous: 29th. New York Jets. 31. team. 30. The ‘butt’ touchdown scored by Chiefs tight end Anthony Fasano sums up the entire Jets season. Someone make it stop.

(1-8). Previous: 30th. Jacksonville Jaguars. 30. team. 52. They sport the league’s worst point differential at a -110. They were able to give the Bengals a good fight, but just can’t win.

team. 48. It does seem ludicrous to have them rank up, but if they’d play the Jets or Jaguars right now, they’d win. I’m sure rebuilding is inevitable in Tampa, but where do you start? Does Josh McCown returning really help the hapless Bucs?. (1-7). Previous: 31st. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 29

28. team. 44. At least they play the Bucs this week, but then again, they haven’t won on the road this season. I really think they could crash and burn again.. (2-6). Previous: 26th. Atlanta Falcons

They are fresh off a bye week only to travel to Baltimore to play a team that is coming off an embarassing loss to a divisional rival. Do I really need to say more?. (2-6). Previous: 25th. Tennessee Titans. 27. team. 35

Previous: 22nd. Carolina Panthers. 25. team. 87. The offensive line had more holes than swiss cheese, and Cam Newton looked bad. Now they’re going to play a hot Philadelphia Eagles team with a questionable defense.. (3-5-1)

31. So much for exposing the Colts secondary, they lost a big one at home, and now travel to play Seattle. Ouch.. (3-5). Previous: 20th. New York Giants. 24. team

57. Sure, I’d love to go play the Packers at Lambeau after a bye week. I don’t see much hope for the Bears right now. (3-5). Previous: 23rd. Chicago Bears. 23. team

22. team. 51. If the Rams could only play the NFC West, then they’d make the playoffs nearly every year. How crazy of a finish was that? Sadly, they’ll lose to the Cardinals this week.. (3-5). Previous: 26th. St. Louis Rams

21. team. 10. When you lose everyone on your defense, and then get beat by Mark Sanchez….. (4-5). Previous: 21st. Houston Texans

Minnesota Vikings. 20. team. 60. Matt Asiata is taking the ‘Cris Carter’ label these days, because all he does is score touchdowns. Good victory for the rookie, Teddy Bridgewater. It’s a bye week, and could this team regain AP soon?. (4-5). Previous: 25th

19. team. 13. You lose three straight, and get shutout on top of that. What is wrong with this team?. (5-4). Previous: 9th. San Diego Chargers

Cleveland Browns. 18. team. 53. It wasn’t easy, but the Browns earned their 5th victory of the season against the Bucs. They might have a chance to take down the Bengals, but how good has the AFC North been this year? Furthermore, when’s the last time you could say that?. (5-3). Previous: 19th

17. team. 124. Again, you played a lowly team and won. Let’s see what you’re made of with a harder task on your hands playing the Bills.. (5-3). Previous: 17th. Kansas City Chiefs

16. team. 26. Two divisional losses in a row is a tough pill to swallow, especially when your division is performing so well. Alright Baltimore, time to get things back on track against the Titans.. (5-4). Previous: 14th. Baltimore Ravens

(5-3). Previous: 15th. Buffalo Bills. 15. team. 16. Huge opportunity to really make some believers this week against the visiting Chiefs. This will be a highly entertaining battle of 5-3 teams.

42. I’m speechless. That gamble backfired in the worst way possible.. (4-4). Previous: 12th. San Francisco 49ers. 14. team

team. 15. The Saints are in firm command of the NFC South, but that’s like saying the 8th graders should pummel the 5th graders in a flag football game. They’re playing great football, but I want to see wins from this three-game homestand before I move them up higher.. (4-4). Previous: 18th. New Orleans Saints. 13

team. 59. If you wanted to make believers of us, how about beating the Chargers at home? Better yet, how about pitching a shutout? Absolutely impressive.. (5-3). Previous: 16th. Miami Dolphins. 12

Indianapolis Colts. 11. team. 46. They responded to a loss accordingly by an impressive Monday Night Football win. Luck is looking as strong as ever, and the team has a bye to continue building upon the victory.. (6-3). Previous: 13th

The Jags gave them a little bit more run for their money than first anticipated, but they emerged victorious. Now come the visiting Browns, which won’t be a cakewalk like years past.. (5-2-1). Previous: 11th. Cincinnati Bengals. 10. team. 56

36. There was little doubt that this team would beat the Raiders, let’s see how they follow things up against the Giants.. (5-3). Previous: 10th. Seattle Seahawks. 9. team

I think Paul Simon said it best, <em>Slip Slidin’ Away</em> is what classifies the Cowpolks right now.. (6-3). Previous: 5th. Dallas Cowboys. 8. team. 123

team. 49. We last left the Packers with a disappointing loss in New Orleans. They’re back after a bye week to take on the rival Bears, who they defeated last time. Rodgers should make a nice example out of them.. (5-3). Previous: 7th. Green Bay Packers. 7

Pittsburgh Steelers. 6. team. 55. (Alicia Keys voice) Big Ben is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, so are the Steelers. The Jets serve as another punching bag for you to bully.. (6-3). Previous: 8th

Let the Mark Sanchez era start in Philly. I honestly don’t know how to think of the Eagles now. They should beat the Panthers this week. <em>Should</em>.. (6-2). Previous: 6th. Philadelphia Eagles. 5. team. 54

You need to take a step back and realize despite your strong start, a loss might just help you in the long run. They’ll get to beat down the Raiders this week, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Manning-Brady Bowl.. (6-2). Previous: 1st. Denver Broncos. 4. team. 45

team. 50. They should count their stars that they’ll host the Dolphins at home, but this will be a highly entertaining affair to watch. Can their defense keep getting it done while Megatron likely returns?. (6-2). Previous: 3rd. Detroit Lions. 3

47. When you have a vaunted Brady-Manning bowl on your hands, and then see the Patriots just annihilate the Broncos, then that warrants you landing a top spot. Winners of five straight, and now they take a well-deserved rest.. (7-2). Previous: 4th. New England Patriots. 2. team

1. team. 32. Along with the rest of my staff, we picked the Cardinals even before the Romo news was announced. Right now, they look like the team to beat, but no one really wants to accept that.. (7-1). Previous: 2nd. Arizona Cardinals

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