Taysom Hill is being challenged by Klint Kubiak to do things he’s never done before

New Orleans Saints versatile offensive weapon Taysom Hill is working on taking his game to another level under new offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak.
New Orleans Saints OTA Offseason Workout
New Orleans Saints OTA Offseason Workout / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

It’s hard to imagine that there’s anything on the football field that Taysom Hill hasn’t done. Since joining the New Orleans Saints in 2017, the team has used Hill in several different ways. On offense, we’ve seen Hill as a quarterback, running back, tight end, and receiver. Additionally, he’s had success at each position.

Despite this versatile experience, Hill recently admitted that new offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak is asking him to do things that he’s never done before. Spending a lot of time during OTAs in the backfield at fullback, Hill admits that learning Kubiak’s offense has been fun, challenging, and exciting.

"It's been a lot of fun. It's weird to say after seven years of doing what I've been doing that I'm being asked to do things I've never done before. That is exciting to me and it's challenging, and I love to be challenged like that. I'm grateful for those guys creating unique and fun opportunities for me."

Taysom Hill

Taysom Hill is excited about Saints offense under Klint Kubiak

Since taking the role in New Orleans as offensive coordinator, Kubiak knew that Taysom Hill would be a big part of the offense. That’s why Kubiak took a visit to Utah earlier this offseason to sit with Hill and discuss how he’d be used in the offense. That was the first step of Hill’s incorporation into the new offense.

However, while Hill is currently being asked to do a lot, Kubiak has admitted that the Saints will start narrowing Hill’s responsibilities as the season gets closer. But for a player like Taysom Hill, that could mean just worrying about three positions instead of five. Either way, expect to see the versatility that we’re used to seeing from Hill.

Last season, in 16 games, that versatility produced 401 rushing yards and four touchdowns on 81 carries, 33 receptions for 291 yards and two receiving touchdowns, and six completed passes for 83 yards and one more touchdown. It’ll be interesting to see how Hill’s numbers look after a year with Kubiak.