Mickey Loomis provides clarity on Marshon Lattimore’s future with the Saints

New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore has been in trade rumors all offseason. General manager Mickey Loomis recently opened up about those rumors.
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Will he or won’t he be traded? That’s what everyone has been asking about New Orleans Saints star cornerback Marshon Lattimore all offseason. Since the season ended, Lattimore has found himself at the center of on-going trade rumors. The franchise hasn’t done much to silence the conversation, offering confusing statements on multiple occasions.

The fact that the Saints drafted Kool-Aid McKinstry, one of the top cornerback prospects, in the second round of the draft, only fueled speculation that Lattimore could be on the move. The increased speculation has led to a new statement from New Orleans general manager Mickey Loomis, and he’s saying a bit more this time.

Speaking with Adam Schein on Mad Dog Sports Radio, Loomis was asked if the selection of McKinstry meant anything about Lattimore’s future in New Orleans. He explained that it doesn’t mean anything, saying the team needs all the corners they can get. He went on to say that Lattimore isn’t on the market, the team isn’t shopping him. However, he did leave the door open saying sometimes teams can approach you with an offer that blows you away, for any player.

Mickey Loomis says Saints aren’t actively trying to trade Marshon Lattimore

While the possibly of a trade is still on the table, this statement from Loomis is more definitive than anything he or Dennis Allen has said all offseason. However, it begs the question, has this always been the case, and if so, why has the organization been so vague with answers about Lattimore’s future with the team? Either way, unless a team offers the Saints an incredible trade package, it seems like Lattimore will be entering the season with New Orleans.

That’s a good thing for the Saints, because he is still a quality corner. The only issue lately has been his health, playing 17 combined games over the last two seasons. If he can stay healthy, he will lead a talented secondary that also has Paulson Adebo, Alontae Taylor, and Kool-Aid McKinstry at the corner position.