How will Kool-Aid McKinstry fit with the Saints defense?

At the 41st pick the Saints selected Kool-Aid McKinstry. Here is how he will fit into the Saints defense.
Chattanooga v Alabama
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The Saints traded up four positions in the second round to select the cornerback from Alabama, Kool-Aid McKinstry. McKinstry’s game fits the Saints defense perfectly. His prowess in man to man coverage will benefit the Saints in 2024.

The strongest part of McKinstry’s game is his ability to defend in man-to-man situations. He can eliminate an opposing wide receiver from the game. His physicality makes it tough for the receiver to get an inch of space. He thrives in press coverage, which he would have the opportunity to do for the Saints. McKinstry would complement Marshon Lattimore, Paulson Adebo, and Alontae Taylor extremely well.

Together they would create one of the top cornerback rooms in the NFL.

Here's how Kool-Aid McKinstry will fit into Saints' defense

McKinstry is extremely confident in his own game. He brings a certain savvy that is desired in any starting cornerback. His attitude is fairly similar to Alontae Taylor, they both know that they are an amazing player and aren’t afraid to show it. Even if he does get beat, McKinstry is able to bounce back and play to the best of his abilities.

When talking to various reporters McKinstry stated that he would be confident if the Saints move him to slot cornerback. It’s not something that they would have to do but it could be a good option to let him see the field more. That would allow the Saints to choose whether they like McKinstry or Taylor in that slot role, it would allow the other to move back to their natural position outside.

Kool-AId McKinstry will come into the Saints defense and mesh perfectly with the other players. He allows for the Saints to have more depth, which is needed, and allows the Saints to have another player who can shut down the opposing receiver in man coverage.

Overall, this is a great pick for the Saints and Kool-Aid should be able to compete on day 1.