Accuracy, intelligence will help Saints QB Drew Brees continue to thrive


New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is without question a superstar.  He’s arguably one of the best to ever play the position.

While he may have faced some hardships in 2014 turning the ball over a total of 20 times, he still managed to lead the league in passing yards with 4,952 alongside Ben Roethlisberger.

Drew Brees currently sits fourth all-time in passing yards behind Brett Favre, Peyton Manning and Dan Marino, and while he may not be as strong as he was a few years ago, he still possesses the tools it takes to survive and thrive in the National Football League.

The black and gold gunslinger is equipped with a handful of features that help maintain his rank at the top of the list, but according to a couple of ESPN analysts, it’s his accuracy and intelligence that really make him stand out, which is indeed difficult to argue with.

Mark Brunell, a frequent on ESPN’s NFL Live and former backup quarterback to Drew Brees (all-time leader in completion percentage), mentioned how the Saints’ captain thrives off his consistent accuracy and hard-working demeanor.

“Sometimes that ball can only be in one place,” Brunell said. “I’ve seen it. I was with him (Brees) for two years, and he finds a way to put that ball exactly where it’s supposed to be. There’s two reasons for that — he’s got great fundamentals and he works at it. Every practice, whether it’s the offseason or during the season, Drew Brees takes the time to get with his receivers and just throw routes, work on his craft, because he’s a professional, he wants to get better and better. Why he’s so accurate is because of his ability to put in the time.”

NFL analyst Tim Hasselbeck continued the adoration for Drew Brees by praising him for his intelligence.

“When you look at what the Saints do offensively, they package so many plays, and he (Brees) does such a tremendous job of getting them into the right play call and adjusting the protection,” Hasselbeck said. “Many times it’s what you do before the snap that determines the outcome of the play.  He’s been so good. He deserves to be talked about the way Brady is before the snap, the way Manning is, Aaron Rodgers, and all those guys before the snap.  Drew Brees is tremendous in that area, and that speaks to his intelligence.”

A fresh season is approaching, and New Orleans is looking for a turnaround after an uncharacteristic performance in 2014.  With added protection on the offensive line, a new versatile target out of the backfield in C.J. Spiller, and a bolstered up defense that can hopefully have a positive impact on the turnover ratio, Drew Brees and the Saints could be marching into another successful year.

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