Saints QB Drew Brees: ‘I’m just worried about my team and winning a championship’


New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees doesn’t care about what’s going on in the NFL with any of the other teams.  He’s worried about one thing — returning the Lombardi Trophy to to the Crescent City by way of the Super Bowl.

Brees joined Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo on ESPN Radio Wednesday afternoon, discussing several topics, including questions about the New England Patriots and their “Deflategate” scandal.

However, the former Super Bowl MVP was quick to deflect the opening wringer with a nice little response.  “Honestly, I’m just worried about my team and doing what we need to do to win a championship,” Drew Brees said.

“Once you’re out on gameday, you got enough other things to worry than what the balls are like. You’re focused on throwing it to the right guy, being on time, where are the defenders, who’s coming to hit you. You got enough things going on. Honestly, I’ve never given it that much that other than I like the balls broken in a certain way, but then after that, you just play ball with whatever ball comes up.”

When asked about losing tight end Jimmy Graham, Drew Brees expressed his enthusiasm about some of the newer faces he’ll be throwing the ball to in 2015.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to see some of our young guys, especially the young receivers,” Brees said. “To lose a guy like Jimmy is heartbreaking for me. I love Jimmy Graham like a brother. I feel like he was such a big part of our offense for such a long time. Unfortunately, things like this happen sometimes, and you worry about the guys that you do have and not the ones that you don’t have.

“I feel like we’ve got a lot of young talent at the tight end position, at the receiver position and at all the skill positions. Somebody’s got to get those touches. This is an exciting time for those guys this offseason with OTAs, minicamp and training camp. Let’s see how they develop and how our offense defines itself.”

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are looking to get on the road to redemption after a disappointing season and failing to make the playoffs in 2014.  As long as No. 9 is sporting that black and gold and carrying that win-now demeanor, the boys on the bayou will always have a shot at a second championship title.

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