Saints Finally Acquire Shockey

After months of rumors and speculation, Sean Payton finally got his tight end. The Saints finalized a deal with the Giants to bring in TE Jeremy Shockey. The trade costs the Saints a second- and a fifth-round pick in the 2009 draft.

I’m not too high on Shockey as many people are. Yes, he is a great talent and shows unparalleled passion. His emotions get to the best of him, however. He often shows up his quarterback. He also drops more passes than you’d like to see from your tight end. The fact the Giants just flat out took off without him makes me a little leery of what negative things he brings to a team.

If Shockey puts his faith into Coach Payton’s philosophy this could work. Drew Brees and Antonio Gates were a great tandem in San Diego so maybe they could develop a similar chemistry. Shockey will also have an incredible chip on his shoulder. Maybe this works. Maybe not. But it’s more gratifying the Saints made this move after retooling the defense, not before.

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  • Ian | Inside the Iggles

    Great move for the Saints. Shockey is a great tight end, and will be even better with Brees throwing to him.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfand

    the guy just wants to flat out win. i can’t stand his ass, but i’ll give him that. thats what you guys are getting, and in my opinion, you need it. brees and shockey will function nice together. this will open things up for 1 colston 2 bush over the middle 3 your #2 wr. ehemm, your offence now looks mysteriously close to the dallas cowboys. (payton). get the picture???????? this is what dallas is doing with witten and by adding felix jones this year, we got our reggie bush, and now you guys got your “witten” factor. trust me, this will work

  • saintsdash

    This move has actually grown on me a little bit. The Saints haven’t had a tight end with half the capabilities Shockey has. His attitude seems to be positive and I think he’s going to be extremely motivated.