Here’s why Klint Kubiak is viewed as the X-factor for the Saints entering 2024 season

Usually players are considered to be x-factors, but for the New Orleans Saints, offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak is the one receiving that title.
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In sports, a common question is who’s the x-factor. Who is the person whose performance will have the biggest impact on the success of the team? For the New Orleans Saints, arguments can be made for players like Derek Carr, Alvin Kamara, or Chase Young. All three need to have productive seasons for the Saints to make noise in the 2024 season. However, none of them are considered thee x-factor for New Orleans.

That title belongs to new offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak, at least that’s how Kristopher Knox sees it. In a recent piece for Bleacher Report, Knox named x-factors that could propel Super Bowl long shots to the playoffs. For New Orleans, Kubiak was highlighted.

Will Klint Kubiak help the Saints return to the playoffs?

Knox admits that between New Orleans finishing last season 9-8, and the team’s solid roster, the Saints are the most likely team on the list to actually make a run. Still, that run will likely hinge on what Kubiak brings to New Orleans in his first year as offensive coordinator.

As Knox puts it, Kubiak inherits an offense “that lacks reliable playmakers outside of Chris Olave and Alvin Kamara.” Additionally, the offensive line remains a question mark. However, Kubiak’s experience with the San Francisco 49ers provides some promise that he can help the offense be more efficient and productive.

"Kubiak oversaw a passing attack that ranked first in net yards per attempt, and he helped turn Brock Purdy into a viable MVP candidate. While the Saints don't have the deep and talented skill group San Francisco does, he should bring some new ideas to an offense that grew stale under predecessor Pete Carmichael."

Kristopher Knox (Bleacher Report)

This assessment makes sense. New Orleans didn’t make many high-profile additions this offseason, so it will mostly be the same team. The 9-8 record, though, shows that the team isn’t far from reaching its goals. The Saints just need to unlock a few things to go to the next level. That’s exactly what Kubiak was brought in to do. If he can deliver, New Orleans will be back in the playoffs.