Why Justin Fields made zero sense for the New Orleans Saints

Many New Orleans Saints fans grovel that the team didn’t attempt to trade for Justin Fields. However, it's a move that didn't make sense for the black and gold.

Jan 7, 2024; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA;  Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) throws a pass
Jan 7, 2024; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) throws a pass / Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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Justin Fields remains underdeveloped after three seasons

Over three seasons, Fields' rushing ability has produced most of his success as an NFL starting quarterback. Through the air, he's a liability that misses open targets, takes a lot of sacks, and fumbles at an alarming rate. There's an argument that Fields can develop and improve, but at what cost? Developmental quarterbacks at a $25.664 million price tag aren't a thing. Also, fans must consider Fields' lack of development over his first three years in the league. He's improved in some areas, but not nearly enough to show long-term starting quarterback potential.

It's also worth noting that Fields backing up Derek Carr doesn't work because they differ in style. Watching the Bears’ cast off struggle to run Kubiak's offense behind Carr in practices accomplishes nothing. Fans can say the same about Nathan Peterman, but that’s another story for a another day.

I'm in the group of fans that watches Pat Mahomes and Josh Allen make incredible plays with their legs and count down the days until the Saints find the quarterback who can do the same. However, we were spoiled with the Brees era and continue to pay penance with an out-of-touch general manager convinced he can stumble upon success with Brees era-type of football in 2024 and without Brees.

Loomis is on thin ice. Dennis Allen is practically hovering over slush. Nothing short of a mystical run at the Super Bowl will save the Saints in its current format. And with the inevitable changing of the guard comes a new quarterback. I'm already thinking about the 2025 NFL Draft class.

Shedeur Sanders, Drew Allar, Carson Beck, Quinn Ewers, or Jalen Milroe. I bet one will be in New Orleans to start the 2025 season. Come then, the prospect of Fields playing in New Orleans will long be an afterthought.