Top 5 reasons the New Orleans Saints must draft Stetson Bennett

New Orleans Saints, Stetson Bennett
New Orleans Saints, Stetson Bennett / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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After going with Jameis Winston and Andy Dalton as their primary options over the past two seasons, the New Orleans Saints decided to make a splash in 2023. Despite other teams courting him, they were able to lure Derek Carr to Louisianna on a four-year, $150 million contract.

Carr might not be an elite quarterback but he's arguably one of the best in the NFC now — and is clearly the best in the NFC South at this point. But he's also playing on the back nine and that means the Saints need to be looking for someone to take over in a few years.

Rather than wait it out, they could decide to use the 2023 NFL Draft to bring in someone to groom and Stetson Bennett could make a lot of sense. Here are five reasons he's the player they should target to develop behind Carr.

Bennett to Saints, Reason No. 5: Football bloodlines

Derek Carr came into the NFL with his family name already known thanks to his brother, David Carr, once being a No. 1 overall pick. Bennett doesn't have NFL bloodlines but he did enter the NCAA with a name that has been seen throughout the southeast.

His father, Stetson Bennett III, played at Georgia and Georgia Southern. His grandfather was at South Carolina where he was a quarterback before becoming a coach.

With those bloodlines, it's easy to see why he was always so poised and knew what to do with the football. He grew up around the game, had coaches in the family, and that will continue to be a huge benefit for him whenever he gets a shot.