Derek Carr is already an arguable top-five quarterback in the NFC

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Derek Carr is finally the official QB1 for the New Orleans Saints. With the move, the Saints have one of the better quarterback situations in the conference.

Throughout the time Derek Carr spent with the Raiders, no matter the city, he was always a bit of a polarizing player in terms of just how good of a quarterback he was. It wasn't just with the national NFL community either, it was with Raiders fans too. People forget that he had an MVP-caliber season in 2016 when he was actually surrounded with a decent supporting cast and defense. However, that's not ignoring the lows either. Now, all of that comes

Regardless of your opinion on Carr, he is an instant upgrade at quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. With this marriage now official, the Saints instantly have the best quarterback situation in the NFC South. In fact, Carr is already arguably a top-five quarterback in the entire NFC.

Think about it. Jalen Hurts has separated himself a bit by leading the Philadelphia Eagles to Super Bowl LVII, but then after that, the waters are a bit muddy. No one knows what's next for Aaron Rodgers, who had a down year anyway, then there's Dak Prescott. Beyond that there's Kyler Murray, and the bloom has fallen off that rose quite a bit as of late, and the curious case of Kirk Cousins.

Granted, there's also Matthew Stafford, but we don't know what he'll look like coming off of a season-ending injury while also being another year older. Geno Smith is also out there, but it isn't out of the question to say that some may want to see more before crowing him.

So yes, it isn't definitive, but as we said already, Derek Carr is ARGUABLY a top-five quarterback in the NFC, and he plays for the New Orleans Saints. With that being said, there's a great chance that there's going to be a playoff game in the Superdome this season if all goes to plan, and it has a lot to do with the most important position in football.

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