Saints have work to do after poor grades in 2024 NFLPA player survey

The NFLPA has released its annual report card for all 32 teams and the New Orleans Saints clearly have several things that they must work on to be better.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Since 2023, the NFLPA has released an annual report card for all 32 teams. The report card is the result of a player survey, grading teams in various areas. The initiative stemmed from players’ desire for some type of free agency guide. When making decisions about their future, players would like to know what to expect from each organization.

For that reason, the report card has become an important thing for the league. The players have the loudest voice about how each franchise operates on the day-to-day, and that could affect a team’s chances of landing free agents. Much like school, all teams are hoping to get good grades.

Unfortunately for the New Orleans Saints, not all of their grades were that good. The Saints ranked 19th overall, receiving an F in one category, a D+ in another, two B- grades, four B grades, two B+ grades and just one A-.

Saints ranked 19th in 2024 NFLPA player survey

While New Orleans did grade well in nine of the 11 categories, they did really poorly in the other two. The Saints received a D+ for their treatment of players’ families, as players discussed the importance of communication, saying that it’s hard for players and their families to get information about services.

The biggest issue for New Orleans, though, is food/cafeteria. The F grade ranked the Saints 30th in this category. It was noted that New Orleans is just one of two teams to not provide players with three meals a day. Beyond that, players are not impressed with the quality of the food, hoping for healthier and fresher options.

Fortunately, the Saints already have plans to build a new cafeteria this offseason. If that comes with improvements to the food, as well as offering players three meals a day, the Saints will have addressed their biggest issue, and the main thing holding them back from being one of the better organizations in the league.