Saints could go in three very different directions with the 14th pick in NFL Draft

The New Orleans Saints have the 14th-overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and they could use that pick to address several different positions of need.
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The 2024 NFL Draft is now just days away. With the first round being so close, everyone believes they have a pretty good grasp on what the New Orleans Saints will do with the 14th-overall pick. All signs point to the Saints drafting an offensive tackle with their first pick. Tackle is the team’s biggest need, so the belief definitely makes sense. However, New Orleans has multiple needs, and depending on who’s available, the franchise could decide to go in a different direction.

Kristopher Knox, in a recent piece for Bleacher Report, outlined some of these potential directions, naming three top prospects that should be targets for the Saints at 14. The three prospects Knox named were Washington offensive lineman Troy Fautanu, LSU wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr., and Alabama cornerback Terrion Arnold.

Three prospects the Saints could target with the 14th-overall pick

Of these three, Troy Fautanu seems the most likely because of New Orleans’ need for an offensive lineman. Which lineman the Saints draft all depends on who comes off the board in the first 13 picks. As long as a top-five tackle is still available, New Orleans would likely draft them. Fautanu is certainly a top-five tackle in this class, so he could be hearing his name called at 14.

Brian Thomas Jr. is a prospect that has been linked to the Saints throughout the pre-draft process. A Louisiana native, Thomas has been shining in the state for a long time. Most recently, he shined with the LSU Tigers, catching Thomas caught 68 passes for 1,177 yards and 17 touchdowns in his final collegiate season. At 6-foot-3, 209 pounds, running a 4.33 40-yard dash, Thomas would be a great addition to the Saints’ wide receiver room.

The last prospect, Terrion Arnold, has gained a lot of fans throughout the draft process but he hasn’t really been linked to the Saints. Knox, however, makes the case for New Orleans drafting Arnold, saying the Saints could select arguably the best corner in the first round, and still get a starting-caliber lineman or receiver in the second round. Arnold could immediately elevate an already solid Saints secondary.

All three prospects show that this is a talented draft class and New Orleans could go in several different directions once the franchise is on the clock. The Saints will have to answer a lot of questions to determine which prospect is the best player to draft at 14.