Saints schedule 2024: Ranking the five most important games

For the New Orleans Saints to end a playoff drought, they have to win big games. Here are five matchups on the 2024 schedule that will be important.
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints official schedule was released Wednesday night. Already, there are games that could prove critical for the Saints to compete for a playoff spot. Obviously, every game is important, and New Orleans will have to pick up wins all throughout the season, however, there are a few games that we can already circle as an important matchup for one reason or another.

Here are the 5 most important games for the Saints next year.

5 important games for the Saints in 2024

5. Week 18 - Saints at Buccaneers

This game can be the most important game of the season for New Orleans. It could also be the complete opposite and be useless. It will depend completely on how the Saints perform throughout the season. This game features two of the top teams in the NFC South. With how close the division has been in the past couple of years, this game has the opportunity to elevate the Saints into the playoffs.

4. Week 10 - Saints vs Falcons

Similar to the game against the Buccaneers, this game could have serious playoff implications due to how tightly contested the NFC South is. The Saints and Falcons, on paper, are both very similar. That is what makes this game so pivotal. This game is already a major one due to the rivalry between the two teams, it being so important in the standings of the NFC South makes it a headliner.

3. Week 3 - Saints vs Eagles

This game against the Eagles is a key one at the start of the season. The Saints have a rough start to the year. In their first six weeks, they face four playoff teams from last year. This game at home feels like one that if the Saints win, they set up themselves nicely for the rest of the year. It will be important to see what Eagles show up. Is it the one from the first part of last season where they looked like the top team in the league, or is it going to be the team at the end of last season who looked awful? No matter what team shows up, it is important that the Saints get the win at home.

2. Week 13 - Saints vs Rams

In 2023, the Saints faced off in Los Angeles for an uber-important game with the Rams. Although New Orleans made it a one possession game at the end, the team got demolished. That can't happen again this year. This is another game that the Saints should have highlighted on their schedule as being one that they need to win. Defeating a conference opponent late in the season could prove to be vital if the Saints want to avoid missing the playoffs for their fourth straight season.

1. Week 16 - Saints at Packers

This Week 16 game at Lambeau field could be a crucial game for them. They will be in their final push for the playoffs and defeating the Packers could get them there. This won’t be an easy game by any means. The first is that the Packers are poised to take a massive jump this year; they are insanely young, led by Jordan Love, and ended the season off strong. The weather could prove to be another factor. The Saints aren’t used to playing in the cold weather, which is likely what they will encounter here. Regardless, this is a matchup that the Saints must win.