Saints Rumors: 5 offensive coordinators to replace Pete Carmichael

In 2024, it will be time for the Saints to head a new direction, offensively
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The New Orleans Saints are far from out of the race yet at 3-4, but have underperformed to this point and are losers of two in a row. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to their struggles is offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael.

On the season, the Saints are 17th in yards per game, 22nd in rushing yards, 21st in points per game and 26th in third down percentage. Believe it or not, all of that is true while the Saints own the league's fifth-best time of possession on offense.

It is, in a word, unacceptable. The Saints should be a clear front-runner in this division, but have yet to get things going offensively under Carmichael. It is time for change.

Next offseason, these are some names the Saints should be looking at as possible replacements.

1. Tanner Engstrand, Passing Game Coordinator, Detroit Lions

Suddenly, the Detroit Lions are a team that's being looked at in a much different light. Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is a serious head coaching candidate for next year, and that means he could bring some of his guys with him.

One of his right hand men, Tanner Engstrand, could become a strong offensive coordinator option. Engstrand is currently the passing game coordinator in Detroit, and boy has that part of their offense flourished in recent seasons.

Jared Goff has played great football, all things considered, and now looks like the guy for the Lions, rather than the team going out and drafting a new franchise quarterback. This year, the Lions are fourth in passing. Last season, they finished eighth. Engstrand should be a legitimate consideration for the Saints' job.