Saints red zone inefficiencies on full display in Thursday night loss

Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports

Arguably the biggest problem with the New Orleans Saints, all fence reared its ugly head on Thursday night football, which helped costs the Saints the game.

Let’s be honest here. There is a plethora of problems surrounding the office of theNew Orleans Saints. Having said that, perhaps the biggest of them all is the Saints inability to capitalize with Redzone opportunities.

Coming into Thursday night football against the Jacksonville jaguars, the Saints ranked 27th in Redzone efficiency in the entire NFL. Given that they went 2-5 in the red zone Thursday night against the jags, it probably won’t do much to help their ranking league-wide.

Granted, red zone efficiency has been a problem across the entire NFL when you look at the numbers. It’s actually pretty bizarre, but the fact of the matter is the defenses are starting to catch up to the offenses. As a pertains to the Saints, their defense has been good enough to keep the team treading water, Thursday night, the task was simply too tall. Simply put, the Saints have to get better in the red zone. Easier said than done, of course, but it’s the truth nonetheless. They have the talent, and Derek Carr is far from the worst quarterback in the league, even if complaints from fans might point to the contrary. It all starts upfront, and the offensive line hat to take the next step forward.

Games are won and lost in the trenches after all. Coming into the season, the Saints were seen as a potential sleeping giant, with the perceived, make up of the NFC, and NFC South specifically. Now, it would seemingly take some voodoo magic and a miracle for the Saints to get into the playoffs.

Nothing is impossible, though, but it has to improve in the red zone for the impossible to become possible. This is a real problem facing the New Orleans Saints, and it was spotlighted to a national audience on Thursday night. Hopefully, the serves as a wake-up call.