Saints’ puzzling free agency approach could leave them behind in NFC South

The New Orleans Saints haven’t been that active in free agency and one analyst believes the puzzling approach has allowed the NFC South to leave them behind.
Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

While the majority of NFL fans are having fun watching their teams acquire new players, New Orleans Saints fans are watching out the window like a kid on punishment. The Saints have made a few signings, but none are really headline worthy on a league-wide level, or expected to have much impact on New Orleans’ win-loss record in 2024.

The Saints signed linebacker Willie Gay Jr., receiver Cedrick Wilson Jr., quarterback Nathan Peterman, and receiver/special teams player Stanley Morgan Jr. While all these players provide depth, they aren’t the kind of splash signings that would lead people to believe things are turning around in New Orleans.

This approach would be understandable if the Saints were set as a team, but they have several needs they must address. Because of the way New Orleans has approached free agency so far, current analyst and former player, Shaun O’Hara, says the Saints have puzzled him during free agency.

Shaun O’Hara says Saints need to step it up in free agency

O’Hara said he simply can’t understand why New Orleans has been so quiet, especially since the rest of the division has been busy making moves. He ended his take with a plea for the Saints to help out Derek Carr. Now it’s time to see if New Orleans is right.

Ultimately, he’s right; New Orleans’ silence has been baffling. Last season, the Saints finished 9-8, which was tied for the best record in the NFC South. A couple of big moves could have separated them from the rest of the division. However, New Orleans had been busy getting its money right while the rest of the division is making the big moves.

There are still quite a few big free agents available, and the Saints could sign them and turn this thing around. But currently, New Orleans has everyone confused after the first week of free agency.