3 free-agent moves from NFC South rivals that should worry Saints fans

The NFC South was active during the first week of free agency and there were a few moves made that should slightly concern the New Orleans Saints.

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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The NFL has made it through the first week of free agency and a ton of moves have already went down. Players have been paid surprising amounts, there had been quarterback and receiver movement, star players joining division rivals, and also retirements from Hall of Fame players.

Meanwhile, things have been relatively quiet for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have made a few minor signings, but nothing to really excite fans or make league-wide headlines. The same can’t be said for their division rivals, though.

The other three teams in the NFC South have been active, making moves that should have New Orleans alert. Let’s look at something that each NFC South team did that should concern the Saints.

3. Panthers supporting Bryce Young

The Carolina Panthers weren’t just the worst team in the division last season, they were the worst team in the league, winning just two games. Because of that, and the fact that the team has been poorly run the last few seasons, the expectation is that they’ll stink for at least a couple of more years. While that could be true, the NFL has taught us that nothing is guaranteed.

Carolina has been trying to do its part to improve this offseason. Primarily, the team is building an offense that can support its talented, young quarterback Bryce Young. During the first week of free agency, the Panthers signed former Miami Dolphins guard Robert Hunt, former Seattle Seahawks guard Damien Lewis, and traded for former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson.

The plan is clear: protect Bryce Young and give him weapons to throw to. It may seem like it’s going to take a lot more for Carolina to be competitive, but this past season, the Panthers were a disaster, and they were still in a lot of games. Sure, they lost all but two of those games, but they are closer than people think. Giving Bryce Young some help will definitely make them a harder out.