4 Saints players facing a crucial 2023 training camp

With training camp coming up, we take a look at some players facing a crucial few weeks this summer

Saints, Alvin Kamara
Saints, Alvin Kamara / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
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The NFC South is going to be one of those divisions that are up in the air until a team can take full grasp of it. Will the Saints be that team?

The Saints might be playing in the worst division in football; a division that saw an 8-9 Bucs team win it last season. With what we think is an answer at quarterback in Derek Carr, this Saints team might finally be able to push forward after attempting to live life without Drew Brees.

With training camp coming up, there are some crucial practices ahead for many of the players on this roster, Carr being one of them. But, four other players in particular are facing a key set of practices.

Michael Thomas, WR

Is Michael Thomas back? Is he really back?

Judging by the above video, he sure looks healthy. If Thomas can prove to be the guy he was prior to dealing with all the injuries, and stay healthy throughout training camp, then this offense is going to look much different than it did a year ago.

Quarterback Derek Carr was used to having a dependable, true number one receiver last year in Davante Adams. And while Thomas has never been the same type of receiver as Adams, the least he could provide Carr with is a dependable set of hands. But, to be that for Carr, he needs to be on the field.

How is his conditioning? Will there be any rust? How quickly can he and Carr create chemistry? This summer is going to be important for Thomas, but most of all, he needs to stay on the field.