This Derek Carr stat should excite Saints fans

 Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The new quarterback of the New Orleans Saints has one stat he can claim that no current quarterback can. It's one that should have the Saints feeling lucky.

Derek Carr has become something of a lightning rod talking point around NFL circles. Fans and media alike seem to differ on the how good of a quarterback he is. Fortunately though, fans of the New Orleans Saints seem universal in that he is an upgrade at the position compared to what the Saints have trotted out in recent years since the retirement of Drew Brees. 

Whether you love Carr as a player or hate him as a player, there is one stat that he can hang his hat on, that should excite the Saints and their fans. Since 2016, Carr has the most fourth-quarter comebacks in the entire NFL with 23. Yes, you read that correctly.

Now, of course, those with the pessimistic “glass half-empty” viewpoint will say that he only had to come back because he was down in first place. Meanwhile, those with the optimistic “glass half-full” viewpoint will say that he was able to will his team to victory when things looked bleak, which is a testament to his leadership. Here is the big difference though.

Throughout most of his time with the Raiders, Carr was dealing with a roster devoid of talent in his supporting cast, that he had to lead to victory in these comebacks. The team would win close games, not in spite of him, but a lot of times because of him. With the Saints, Carr has a talented roster around him complete with weapons on the offense, not to mention an actual defense, so there shouldn’t be as much pressure on him. Luckily for the Saints, pressure can turn even a lump of coal into a diamond, and all of the struggles he dealt with while with the Raiders has molded him in to the leader he has become for the Saints to benefit from.

Say what you will about Derek Carr, but the fact that the QB1 of the New Orleans Saints has this that going for him he’s certainly nothing to sneeze at. 

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