Saints fans need to take Michael Thomas updates with grain of salt

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints
Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints fans should know by now to expect the unexpected with their star wide receiver. Even with the latest update, Saints fans should be cautious.

Boy, 2019 seems like ages ago doesn't it? That of course was the year that Michael Thomas broke the record set by Marvin Harrison in 2002 for most receptions in a single season with 149 for the New Orleans Saints, en route to being named the NFL's Offensive Player of the Year. For those keeping score at home, Saints fans watched Thomas catch 125 in 2018, and 104 in 2017. Since then? Well, he's caught less, to put it kindly.

We don't need to dwell on it, but in case you can't get out from under the rock you're stuck beneath, Thomas just can't stay on the field, for a variety of reasons of course. Now, another update has come out on the incredibly talented, if not frustrating, wide receiver.

Saints coach Dennis Allen said during the annual offseason coaches' meeting that Thomas is "making progress, but still isn't 100%". If that seems like deja vu Saints fans, it's because it is.

This is pretty much the same thing we've been hearing for years regarding when he'll be back on the field, and we all know how that tends to turn out. Of course, there is still the obvious chance that this is in fact a positive sign of things to come, but you know what they say "fool me once..." and all that jazz.

This is not to say that this isn't reason for excitement either. All we're saying is, try to at least slightly temper expectations, and not get TOO excited, because we've been down this road before.

Regardless of what happens with Michael Thomas, actions speak louder than words, and fans of the New Orleans Saints would be wise to remember that.