Saints GM claps back at critics slamming Dennis Allen

"That’s just people making comments to make comments. It’s stupid to say that"
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
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Not many people are sticking up for Dennis Allen these days, not after he seemingly threw his New Orleans Saints team under the bus for scoring a touchdown up by 20+ points in the season finale. Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis is defending Allen, however, and basically said that anyone who thinks the players went against Allen is stupid.

Loomis spoke to Mike Hoss on WWL and the topic of the kneel-down vs. scoring came up. He said that while he didn't think the act was intended to be malicious, he wished it hadn't happened. Loomis then turned his attention to those who say the touchdown was an act of rebellion by the Saints offense on the field for that particular play by insulting those people.

""That’s just people making comments to make comments. It’s stupid to say that," Loomis said. "There’s not one player that would say that. ... They were just trying to do a favor and do something good, what they perceived as good for a teammate, and nothing to do with defying the head coach or anything like that. That’s just silly. That’s just overthinking.”"

Mickey Loomis

Saints GM unhappy with people criticizing his coach

This has not been a good week for Allen. First, he gets ripped by Arthur Smith during the handshake portion of the game (which ended up being Smith's final action as the head coach of the Falcons) and then he tries to turn things around on his team at his press conference. Allen apologized to Smith and the Falcons and completely threw his squad under the bus in doing so.

Earlier this week, former Raiders CEO Amy Trask blasted Allen on "What The Football" by saying that of course something like this happens when Allen is the head coach. When a former CEO of a team you coached is taking the time to say those things about you, it's not a good look.

Ultimately, Allen will likely remain the head coach of the Saints and Jeff Nowak notes that in the Audacy article that has the Loomis quote provided above. The Saints are going to have to get their cap situation figured out this offseason (or maybe they just kick the can down the road again) and with this being the last memory players will have of the team, will people want to come play for Allen knowing this kind of stuff can happen under him?