Former NFL executive rips Dennis Allen amid Saints turmoil

"In what world? When your head coach is Dennis Allen."
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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The New Orleans Saints aren't going to hear the end of the Dennis Allen/Jameis Winston/Jamaal Williams saga anytime soon. Amy Trask, who was the CEO of the Raiders when Allen was the head coach there, spoke about the incident on "What The Football" and didn't hold back on how she felt about Allen as a coach.

Suzy starts by asking how this happens and Amy immediately slams Allen.

"In what world? When your head coach is Dennis Allen. Suzy, I'm speaking from experience. As you know I overlapped with Dennis Allen in Oakland one year and everything I observed during that year is such that when that play happened I wasn't the least bit surprised. Now if it happened to any other coach, I would have been surprised. It happened and Dennis was the coach I'm not the least bit surprised. "

Amy Trask

Dennis Allen continues to get ripped in the media

Allen was the head coach of the Raiders from 2012 to 2014 and Trask was the team's CEO from 1997 to 2013. Her speaking so candidly about Allen and how she wasn't surprised at all to see something like this happen under Allen's watch should be telling for the Saints front office.

She doesn't stop there with her criticism of Allen, however. She mentions that when she was asked about Allen as a coach and as a leader, she responded about his "leadership" (she makes it a point to say that he responded with the word in quotes) is that everyone can learn and grow on the job. What she learned from that play was that Allen has not changed his ways.

Allen clearly hasn't grown from his previous coaching stint in Oakland and he's making the same mistakes in New Orleans. It does appear that the Saints are going to stick with him as their head coach, however, and perhaps that's because the Saints head coach opening isn't very appeaing right now.

They have the worst cap situation in the league and are going to have to part with key players in order to free up cap space. It's not an attractive landing spot at all and now they have a reputation of having a terrible coach as well.

When a former executive is ripping you and saying that your "leadership" style hasn't changed, that's a bad look. It's not going to get any better from here either as long as Dennis Allen is the head coach in New Orleans.