Saints fans shouldn't be worried about Taliese Fuaga becoming the next Trevor Penning

Saints fans should not be concerned about the 2024 first-round pick
Oregon State v Oregon
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Some New Orleans Saints fans are still traumatized over the Trevor Penning pick in 2022. Hey, we get it. Because of how south things went with that selection, a lot of people already think that perhaps 2024 first-round pick Taliese Fuaga won't be able to live up to the hype.

This article isn’t to say that Penning is 100 percent a bust. These past few years haven’t looked amazing, but Penning still has plenty of potential. He will have a chance to succeed this year with the new-look offense, which fits Penning’s style much better than the previous offense. He also has a new offensive line coach in John Benton to help teach him the game. So, what about the No. 14 overall pick in this year's draft?

Taliese Fuaga has the tools to be a star OT for the New Orleans Saints

Fuaga differs from Penning mainly because he is a prospect who is viewed as having a higher floor. Fuaga is significantly more developed than Penning was entering the NFL. They both have a nasty streak in the run game - always looking to knock a defender on the ground is their goal each and every run play.

A major difference lies in the pass protection. When Penning entered the NFL out of Northern Iowa, he was viewed as very developmental, especially in the passing game. Fuaga still has some improvements to be made, but he is much more sound in protecting the quarterback.

He didn't give up a single sack at Oregon State in the past two years. His fundamentals are greatly improved from what Penning’s were before he made his NFL debut. They both have high upsides with their physical traits, but Fuaga is a much safer option as he is more developed.

Although there are similarities between the selection of Penning and Fuaga, fans shouldn’t be worried about the '24 first-rounder turning into a bust. Fuaga has all of the abilities to be a top offensive tackle in the NFL for years to come and he's going to look to make an immediate impact once September rolls around.