Taliese Fuaga reveals his interesting reaction to being selected by Saints

The New Orleans Saints selected Taliese Fuaga 14th overall in this years NFL Draft. He had an interesting reaction to being drafted by the Saints.
Oregon State v Oregon
Oregon State v Oregon / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

After being drafted 14th-overall by the New Orleans Saints, Taliese Fuaga revealed that he was initially surprised that he was selected by the New Orleans Saints. The Saints and Fuaga didn’t have a ton of contact with each other before the draft. This led Fuaga to feel surprised when he was selected 14th overall.

This isn’t that much out of the ordinary as the Saints have done that before with prospects they like. That most likely meant that the Saints felt strongly about selecting Taliese Fuaga.

Taliese Fuaga was shocked the Saints drafted him

Fuaga will fill a role that the Saints are lacking with the health concerns around Ryan Ramczyk. The Saints likely felt that Fuaga was one of the best players on the board. This could have been a situation for the Saints where their biggest need met with one of the best players available. The Saints are getting a player who can start day one for them at right tackle.

Fuaga is already fairly comfortable in the wide-zone scheme that the Saints will implement in the coming season. That was the primary scheme that Oregon State used. This gives Fuaga experience and should make it easier to learn and develop in the Saints offense next year.

In the run game Fuaga contains a nasty streak that jumps off of the screen. It is not rare to see Fuaga throw a player to the ground with pure power. Once Fuaga gets to the second level it’s over for the opposing defensive back.

In the past two years, Fuaga hasn’t allowed a single sack at Oregon State. He is sound in his fundamentals and has solid footwork for his size. Fuaga should be able to help protect Derek Carr significantly in pass protection.

The selection of Taliese Fuaga fills a massive need for the Saints. Fuaga could help elevate the Saints offense next year to a whole new level. They already have momentum from the previous year and this pick should help grow that even more.