Saints defenders already notice a difference in the team’s offense under Klint Kubiak

The New Orleans Saints brought Klint Kubiak in to improve the team’s offense, and defenders have already noticed a difference while practicing against the unit.
New Orleans Saints OTA Offseason Workout
New Orleans Saints OTA Offseason Workout / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

One person that’s entering the 2024 season with some of the highest expectations is New Orleans Saints offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak. The Saints brought Kubiak over this offseason from the San Francisco 49ers to replace Pete Carmichael Jr. New Orleans felt it was time for a change to the offensive system, and Kubiak is the man that’s going to bring that change.

But, the Saints didn’t bring in many new offensive pieces. For the most part, the team is reloading offensively, while dealing with a rebuilt offensive line that could have two young and inexperienced tackles. However, many offensive coordinators who believe in their system will tell you that’s no problem. Kubiak will probably be the first to say that the Saints have more than enough, and they’ll prove it during the season.

Apparently, the offense is already proving it against New Orleans’ defense. Competing against Kubiak’s offense everyday in practice, Saints defenders and defensive coaches will know first hand how dangerous the unit is. So far, they seem to be impressed.

Saints defense says the team’s new offense is challenging to deal with

Starting linebacker Pete Werner said that the offense has a ton of movement. He explained that this forces defenses to really stay alert, using their eyes and staying keyed in on their responsibilities, or someone will be running wide open. It’s not the kind of offense that defenses will just be able to lineup against and play free; defenders will be stressed.

Defensive coordinator Joe Woods echoed similar sentiments, saying that Kubiak utilizes the run, play action, and misdirections like bootlegs to really take advantage of defenses. He further explained that once the run game gets rolling, the scheme becomes extremely challenging to deal with.

That was evident last season with the San Francisco 49ers; everything they did offensively was built around running back Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey had an elite season, and as result, so did the rest of the offense and the team as a whole. The Saints are hoping that Kubiak can create something similar in New Orleans with Alvin Kamara. It seems like they’re well on their way to doing that.