Saints corner Marshon Lattimore is in yet another hypothetical trade

As the offseason continues, so do the trade rumors for New Orleans Saints star cornerback Marshon Lattimore, who was recently in another hypothetical trade.
New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans
New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The NFL world is about halfway through the 2024 offseason, but are still about two months away from the start of training camp. For the most part, the major moves of the offseason have happened. However, there are still a couple of more dominos that have to fall. Everyone is convinced that the New Orleans Saints have one of those dominos.

All offseason, there have been rumors about the Saints possibly trading star cornerback Marshon Lattimore. To the speculators defense, New Orleans didn’t do much to silence the rumors. When asked about Lattimore possibly being traded, head coach Dennis Allen and general manager Mickey Loomis gave vague answers on multiple occasions.

Loomis’ latest answer was the most clear, when he explained that the Saints aren’t actively trying to trade Lattimore. However, Loomis again left the door open, saying anyone can be traded for the right package. This made way for more discussion, as NFL pundits are a lot like the late Gale Sayers; they only need 18 inches of daylight.

So, unsurprisingly, Lattimore is in another hypothetical trade. This time, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell is advocating for the Jacksonville Jaguars to send a fourth-round pick to New Orleans for Lattimore.

ESPN suggests the Saints trade Marshon Lattimore to the Jaguars

According to Barnwell, this is a deal that would make sense for both sides. For Jacksonville, it would get a high-end starting cornerback, solving an issue that the team has been desperately trying to address. For New Orleans, Barnwell says the trade “would clear up a financial and positional logjam,” arguing that the Saints would be fine with Paulson Adebo, Alontae Taylor, and Kool-Aid McKinstry.

While both things may be try, a fourth-round pick probably won’t get the job done for Mickey Loomis. Through all of his vague statements on a possible Lattimore trade, Loomis has made it clear that he’d much rather continue to build with players that have positively contributed than just ship them off. He has explained that if a quality player is traded, it’s because the franchise received a package worth their while. A fourth-round pick doesn’t seem like a worthwhile package for Marshon Lattimore.