Saints bring in longtime NFL executive for the 2024 NFL Draft process

As the New Orleans Saints turn their attention to the 2024 NFL Draft, they are bringing in an experienced voice to help them with their process.

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Every offseason, the NFL Draft is a massive event. Not only is it fun for fans, as they learn which young players will join their favorite teams, it’s a life-changing event for the drafted players and the franchises that select them. The decisions teams make during draft weekend often determines whether a team will contend for championships or if they’ll be looking for new coaches. That's why teams go to great lengths to make sure they’re making the right decisions in the draft.

The New Orleans Saints recently brought in some help for the 2024 Draft process. On Monday, it was reported that the Saints are hiring longtime executive Dave Ziegler to an advisory role through the 2024 NFL Draft.

Saints hire Dave Ziegler to advisory role for 2024 NFL Draft

Dave Ziegler has been an executive in the NFL since 2010 and he’s been apart of some successful teams. His journey started with the Denver Broncos as a player personnel assistant and a scout. In 2013, Ziegler moved on to the New England Patriots. Staying in New England from 2013 to 2021, Ziegler held the positions of assistant director of pro scouting, director of pro personnel, assistant director of player personnel, and director of player personnel. With the Patriots, Ziegler also won three Super Bowls.

His work with New England is what led to Ziegler being hired as the general manager for the Las Vegas Raiders. He held that role for two seasons before Vegas decided to start over.

Now, Ziegler will spend time with the Saints over the next two months as they attempt to select a strong draft class. Considering that New Orleans is an old and expensive team, building a talented team on rookie contracts is necessary if the Saints want to remain competitive as they transition eras. Dave Ziegler will try to help them do that.