6 players the Saints should have their eyes on at the 2024 NFL Combine

With the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine getting underway, here are a few players that the New Orleans Saints should make sure to watch.

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3 prospects Saints have to watch

Dallas Turner

The Combine is a chance for Dallas Turner to shine. He is one of, if not the most, athletic edge rushers in the draft and that will be put on full display. The 40-yard dash could end up becoming the Dallas Turner show and raise his draft stock. It is estimated that Turner will run approximately a 4.45 40-yard dash. This would make him one of the fastest edge rushers in NFL Combine history. If he can do this then he has a good shot of separating himself from the other top edge rushers in this year's draft.

Keon Coleman

Keon Coleman is currently regarded as a late first rounder to an early second-rounder. He has a chance to solidify himself as a first round pick if he shows out at this combine. We already know that the 6-foot-4 Coleman is incredibly athletic. After the 2022 season, he played on the Michigan State basketball team. He has a chance to show out his pure athleticism in front of NFL scouts. Keon Coleman has an extremely good shot to wow everyone and increase his draft stock if he can show everyone how athletic he truly is.

The offensive tackle class

This isn’t a sole player but this year’s tackle class should put on a show in Indianapolis. This is one of the top offensive tackle groups in recent history. They are all super close right now, it's tough to differentiate on their exact order. Any of the top 10 or so tackles will have the chance to separate themselves as the top offensive tackle in this year's draft. All it takes is a good showing for one of them to shoot them all of the way up to the top of the draft boards. With athletic tackles being coveted more and more recently, this makes the Combine important for all of them.