Prospect Preview: can Dallas Turner provide help in an area where Saints are lacking?

Although Dallas Turner doesn't fit the New Orleans Saints prototype at edge rusher, he would still be an amazing draft pick for the Saints at No. 14.
Rose Bowl Game - Alabama v Michigan
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This past season, one of the biggest struggles for the New Orleans Saints was their lack of pass rush. They totaled 34 sacks on the year, ranking them 28th in the NFL. They were 10 sacks behind the league average of 44. This can not happen next year if the Saints want to compete in their division and the playoffs. If they look to the draft to fix this problem, New Orleans may be able to find a stud with the 14th pick in Dallas Turner.

Dallas Turner is a 6-foot-4, 242-pound edge rusher out of Alabama. Turner may not fit the Saints typical prototype at edge rusher but with the emergence of Zack Baun, it may be time to change it. When watching film on Dallas Turner the first thing that will pop out to you is his explosiveness. He is extremely athletic and contains remarkable speed. It looks like he is shot out of a cannon each play. This past season he totalled 11 sacks, 11 hits, and 33 hurries. This is the type of production that the Saints need to be able to compete.

Is Dallas Turner a fit for the Saints?

Dallas Turner can do more than just pass rush. If needed, he has shown the ability to cover various positions. There are multiple instances on film of running backs trying to slip out of the backfield and Turner is just running with them, eliminating the option for the quarterback. Turner is also relentless, he doesn’t stop playing until after the whistle blows. Whether it's in the run game or the pass game he is always chasing full speed trying to make the tackle.

Going into the NFL next year, it may be beneficial to Turner to fill out a little bit. This will make it tougher for opposing offensive linemen to move him. If drafted to New Orleans, the Saints will likely ask him to do that to try to fit their mold, at edge rusher a little bit better. Turner needs to work on the run game at times. He can have trouble diagnosing it and he can take awkward angles to get to the carrier. He should improve at this by getting reps and seeing it at the next level.

Dallas Turner could be the answer for the Saints at a position where they have lacked productivity. This next season, the Saints have to be able to get to the quarterback and finish the play if they want to compete. They must address the pass rush and they will have a golden opportunity in this year's NFL draft.