NFL insider details what Alvin Kamara is looking for in contract talks with Saints

Alvin Kamara made his contract situation with the New Orleans Saints public when he left mandatory minicamp. Here’s a look at what the star running back wants.
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On the final day of mandatory minicamp for the New Orleans Saints, star running back Alvin Kamara left the facility before the start of practice. It was a strategic move as Kamara’s agent quickly let it be known that the departure was contract related. This is when fans and media members learned about a contract situation that has been bubbling in private for months.

While Kamara’s agent made it clear that there’s a contract problem, it wasn’t explained what exactly the veteran running back is looking for. All everyone has been able to conclude is that 2024 is essentially the final season on Kamara’s contact since he’s due $25 million in 2025. With that understood, the assumption has been that Kamara is looking for an extension.

NFL reporter Jeremy Fowler provided a bit more detail in a Sunday appearance on SportCenter. Fowler said he’s hearing that Kamara is open to doing a reworked two-year deal. So technically, he’s not even seeking an extension, just reworking the current two years on the deal to where it makes sense for him and the team.

"I'm told Kamara is open to doing a reworked two-year deal, strengthen his guarantees in year one. They've talked about it. So far, not a lot of momentum. We'll see if something shakes out. He could be a threat to miss training camp if they don't get something done before late July."

Jeremy Fowler

Alvin Kamara looking for a reworked two-year deal with Saints

As Fowler explained, Kamara is due $11.8 million this season and $25 million next year. With a reworked contract that gives Kamara more money this year, he’d likely be comfortable going into the season, regardless of what happens next offseason. Contracts are all about money or long-term security. So the Saints can either extend Kamara or guarantee him more money for 2024.

Kamara is still an elite running back but New Orleans probably doesn’t want to pay him beyond this season if the team isn’t a contender. That’s why the 2024 season will be a make-or-break year for the franchise. But before that can happen, the Saints and Kamara must get on the same page by the start of the season.