Realistic trade packages if Saints explored trading Alvin Kamara

Will New Orleans move on?
New Orleans Saints, Alvin Kamara
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The New Orleans Saints officially have a distraction on their hands.

On the final day of mandatory minicamp, one specific veteran was not present: running back Alvin Kamara. And, his absence was contract-related. For some reason, the soon-to-be 29-year-old running back has it in his head that he deserves either more money in 2024 or a new deal, altogether.

He's due $10.7 million this coming season, but the number jumps to $25 million in 2025. However, the Saints will likely cut him before that goes into effect. So, Kamara likely wants more money this season, for starters.

Now, if the Saints opt to try and trade the star running back rather than grant his request for more money, could they get anything substantial in return?

Saints fans would be fairly disappointed with the following realistic trade returns in an Alvin Kamara deal

The first team that makes sense for Kamara is the New York Giants, who addressed the departure of Saquon Barkley by signing veteran Devin Singletary. While Singletary came on for the Houston Texans last year, that was the first real sign of life we've seen from him since entering the NFL.

Giants Kamara trade

Because the Giants do not have a fifth or sixth-round pick in 2025, the Saints would have to settle for something the following year. Now, considering two young, former first-round quarterbacks like Mac Jones and Justin Fields went for sixth-round picks (Fields could turn into a fourth) I don't see it very likely that an aging running back fetches more.

Kamara would give the Giants a similar talent to Barkley, whom they lost to a division rival over in Philly. But, Kamara might just be a one-year rental (assuming the money gets worked out) and New York wouldn't be looking at him as a long-term solution.