Alvin Kamara’s contract has officially been added to the Saints’ list of problems

As the New Orleans Saints enter their offseason break, Alvin Kamara and his contact take center stage after a development on the final day of minicamp.
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
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The New Orleans Saints were oh-so close to entering the final break of the offseason without any drama. Entering the third and final day of mandatory minicamp, everything was going smooth for the Saints. Cornerback Marshon Lattimore had silenced all the noise surrounding him, and the only concerns New Orleans had going into the break were health concerns for a few injured players.

That was until it was reported that star running back Alvin Kamara wasn’t in attendance for all of the final practice, and that his absence was contract related.

Alvin Kamara misses final day of Saints minicamp due to contract issue

Several reporters noted that Kamara wasn’t in attendance for the final minicamp practice, and some said that Kamara was at the facility today but left before practice. Nick Underhill reported that Kamara was in attendance and took part in a walkthrough, but then decided to leave. NFL insider Ian Rapoport spoke directly with Kamara’s agent Brad Cicala, and Cicala revealed that Kamara leaving on Thursday was contract related.

According to multiple reports Kamara and the Saints have been working on his contract for a few months. That’s because, currently, Kamara has two years left on his deal, with $10.7 million due this season, and $25 million due in 2025. That essentially makes 2024 the final season of the contract, because New Orleans isn’t going to pay Kamara $25 million for one season.

This is similar to how Michael Thomas’ contract was set up. If New Orleans didn’t release him, he’d cost the Saints more than $60 million in 2024. However, that was understood entering the 2023 season, so that’s why it was clear that Thomas would be a free agent this offseason.

Kamara and the organization having conversations about the contract likely means they want to keep him beyond this season, but not for $25 million a year. Finding the yearly number, and new contract structure is probably where Kamara and the franchise are butting heads. Up until this point, both sides have kept everything internal, so there’s no telling what Kamara is looking for, or what kind of deal the team wants him on. What is clear is that this is an issue the team needs to resolve before training camp.