5 New Orleans Saints players who won't be back in 2024

This is going to be an offseason of resetting, in some ways.
New Orleans Saints, Jameis Winston
New Orleans Saints, Jameis Winston / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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4. Jameis Winston, QB

We have been at the point in Jameis Winston's career where we know who he is. Is he a serviceable quarterback? Absolutely. He is still a good player in this league and should be considered one of the best backups there are. If he was given a full season, I'm sure he'd still be able to throw for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Of course, he'll make his share of mistakes and turn the ball over frequently, too.

But, if the Saints are going to keep head coach Dennis Allen, I think Winston ends up being allowed to test free agency and sign elsewhere. A team like the New York Jets makes a lot of sense, since they've said they're going to look at veterans to back up Aaron Rodgers for 2024.

Winston's Week 18 interviews weren't his worst, by any means. But, after the late touchdown against Atlanta and his being questioned for the decision, I could very well see the Saints looking in a different direction. In fact, the quarterback position (outside of Derek Carr) needs to be looked at. I don't think it's going to be worth keeping Taysom Hill, either, at this point. Financials are going to be top priority this offseason.