ESPN's Shannon Sharpe unleashes the hottest Jameis Winston take yet

The Saints' offseason is certainly off to an interesting start.
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

It's been a weird 24 hours for Jameis Winston and the Saints. On paper, their win on Sunday had all the makings of a perfect season finale: as far as meaningless games go, it doesn't get much better than absolutely dismantling a division opponent, at home, while more-or-less acting as the final nail in the coffin for Arthur Smith's career in Atlanta. And yet, despite Smith being the only coach fired on Sunday night, most -- if not all -- of the conversation surrounding that game has nothing to do with him. Instead, the takes, tweets, and everything in between are focused on the Saints' (objectively hilarious) decision to fake a kneel-down in favor of getting Jamaal Williams in the end zone for his only touchdown of the season.

In theory, the decision was a win-win for Saints fans. Williams got his TD, the Falcons got embarrassed, and everyone else got the lasting image of Smith throwing a small temper tantrum in the final moments of his time in the NFC South. But -- if you can believe it -- not everyone was super thrilled with the idea of 'needlessly' running up the score in the final moments of the final week of the season. Winston faced plenty of scrutiny in his post-game media session, and on Monday, as is tradition, the national shows all weighed in. That of course included ESPN's First Take, which featured Shannon Sharpe giving maybe the hottest Winston take yet:

"It makes Dennis Allen look like he's lost control of that locker room," Sharpe said. "But I'll say this: I would cut Jameis Winston today. I would not want him on my team. That's losers mentality. If people are saying, 'Well Shannon, what about when Dan Marino fake-spiked the ball?' They were not in victory formation. If you get that, the defense is conceding. If you want to run the ball, let the defense line up. Don't you fool them and let them think it's a victory formation, and then drive off the ball. You mean to tell me that's going rogue. Dennis Allen's probably going to have to go, because his players have no respect for him. He said, 'they sent victory formation in, but we made a decision.' I'm sorry Molly, but I would cut Jameis Winston today ..."

On one hand, it wouldn't be an NFL Monday if there wasn't at least a little bit of made-for-TV drama. On the other, this season can't end fast enough. Let's get those mock drafts cooking.

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