3 former New Orleans Saints players we’re glad are gone, 2 we wish stayed

What's the verdict on these now-former Saints?
New Orleans Saints, Jameis Winston
New Orleans Saints, Jameis Winston / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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The New Orleans Saints continue to be one of the more puzzling teams when it comes to free agency.

Contract restructures galore. Future money be cursed. It'll all work out eventually, right? Let's all hope so.

For now, the Saints have yet again been busy trying to get cap-compliant while trying to build a competitive roster for the 2024 season.

Looking at some of their recently-departed free agents, which ones will fans miss? Which ones won't be missed? Let's start with the latter.

The Saints will not miss Michael Thomas

This should go without saying, right? At one point, wide receiver Michael Thomas was at the pinnacle. He was one of the league's top receivers and most dependable targets. The guy caught everything. He let the opposition know just how good he was, too.

The problem became, that once Thomas had gone through a bunch of injury woes, his confidence and cockiness only became stronger. It's almost as if he didn't know what to do with himself once his abilities were gashed.

This turned into social media tirades and unwanted interactions, from the Saints' perspective. Thomas became a headache and major distraction. It's sad to look back now, because he was once beloved by Saints fans. Yet, at this point, it's more of a "good riddance" type of response you'll find across the fan base.

Best of luck in his next venture, but thankfully, he's out of New Orleans now.