Most disappointing Saints through 3 games in 2022

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

This isn't how New Orleans Saints fans expected the season to begin for the black and gold yet here we are. The team has looked really bad through three games with the offense shouldering a lot of the blame there, and rightfully so.

While Week 1 wasn't a great outing for the defense, they've done more than enough to help the team win the past two games. When all was said and done, the offense couldn't pull their weight and that led to back-to-back losses for this Saints team that should be performing much better than this with all of the talent they have on offense.

With three games in the books, let's check out some of the most disappointing Saints players so far this season.

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Jameis Winston

This is the easiest one. When teams win or lose, most of the time the blame is immediately going to be placed on the quarterback. Sometimes that's not always fair but it's entirely fair with the New Orleans Saints because Jameis Winston has sucked. I'm not even going to try and sugarcoat it.

Winston has already thrown more interceptions through three games (5) than he did in seven starts last year (3). He's missing wide-open targets and just overall looks bad. Fans are realizing why the Buccaneers were so eager to move on from him and why no other team wanted him this offseason.

The back fractures are clearly affecting Winston and he shouldn't be starting until he's fully healthy and ready to play at a better level. Fortunately, the team isn't playing him this weekend against the Vikings.

Alvin Kamara

Granted, Kamara has only appeared in two games so far but the same player we've grown accustomed to watching hasn't been the guy out on the field in those two games. Kamara has just 24 rushing attempts for 100 yards and has barely been a factor in the passing game with just five catches for 19 yards.

Kamara has yet to find the end zone either proving that he's not getting involved in the game plan. What makes Kamara so dangerous is that he's so good as both a runner and as a pass-catcher yet the Saints aren't giving him much of a chance to do either.

It feels as though once Kamara gets going, the rest of the Saints offense will get going too.

Adam Trautman

Clearly, Jameis Winston prefers Juwan Johnson as his tight end and that's impacted Adam Trautman a lot through three games. The former third-round pick has just one catch for nine yards and in a year where he had to prove himself, he hasn't had an opportunity to do so.

It feels as though this is Trautman's final year with the Saints if he can't prove that he can be a starting-caliber tight end.

Entire Offensive Line

While Ryan Ramczyk has been his usual impressive self and James Hurst somehow has one of the best PFF grades through three games, the Saints o-line has been dreadful thus far.

Erik McCoy, typically one of the highlights on the line, got flagged twice last week. The guard play has been abysmal as per usual. This has resulted in Winston getting sacked 11 times through three games. That's not going to help the team win ball games that's for sure.

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... so there you have it. The most disappointing Saints through three games are all on the offensive side of the ball and that shouldn't surprise anyone with how the two sides have been playing.