Here's how the Saints can still win the NFC South

New Orleans Saints
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This could easily be called "Here's how [insert NFC South team here] can win the division." The New Orleans Saints have as much a shot as anybody else.

Most believed the NFC South would be a weak division in 2022, but perhaps not this weak. Heading into Week 13, not a single NFC South team has a winning record, and none of them have been able to win more than two games in a row. Talk about inconsistency.

At the top, we have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers led by the tablet-throwing Tom Brady, and at the bottom, we have the Saints (they lose the tiebreaker to the Panthers), who are just one win out of first place. It goes without saying that Monday's Saints-Bucs game will be a hugely important one.

This comes as a fairly obvious statement, but the Saints have to win all their games to give themselves the best chance of topping the division, and Week 13 is an excellent place to start.

Three of NOLA's final five games are against NFC South opponents, so those are must-wins. Curiously, the next two games in particular could have serious implications in the division race.

NOLA Saints have a chance to win the division -- but so does the rest of the NFC South

If the Saints beat the Bucs in Week 13 and the Falcons in Week 14, and if the Bucs lose to the 49ers in Week 14, the Saints would suddenly lead the division.

The Bucs lost their chance to separate themselves from the pack after Week 12's overtime loss to the Cleveland Browns, and it's very plausible that they fall to the Saints on Monday given the two teams' recent histories.

As for the Panthers and Falcons, they have the opportunity to jump into first place, too.... if they win their games. You can see where this is going.

It's worth nothing that the Falcons and Saints have byes in Week 14, giving the other NFC South teams a shot to leapfrog a few places.

For now, the Saints have to focus on winning one game at a time, and they'll square off against one of their toughest opponents in the Bucs come Week 13.

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The NFC South has been pure, unbridled chaos so far this season. Good luck predicting the winner.