Grading Andy Dalton's performance from Week 8 win vs Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v New Orleans Saints
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The New Orleans Saints are 3-5 after shutting out the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday to the tune of 24-0. It was an impressive effort from everyone on the Saints roster and that includes Andy Dalton, who Dennis Allen announced would start earlier in the week.

Dalton had a not-so-great outing the last time we saw him under center but he made up for it this week. The Red Rifle finished the game going 22-of-30 with 229 yards passing, two touchdowns, and zero interceptions. After tossing three picks last week, it was good to see him record a zero in that category this week. He did have a bad throw in the first half that should have been picked but it was fortunately out of bounds.

With Dalton's fifth start as the Saints quarterback in the book, what grade does he deserve?

Grading Andy Dalton's Week 8 performance

This wasn't a game where Dalton had to do a whole heck of a lot. The Saints leaned on their run game and that made things easier for the former second-rounder out of TCU. The two passes he had to Alvin Kamara that went for touchdowns ended up as such because of Kamara's efforts but hey, when you have a weapon like that on the offense, target him and let him do the rest. Dalton knows that.

While Dalton wasn't the one willing the Saints to victory, he didn't make mistakes. Letting Kamara do his thing while also not making mistakes and allowing the offense to move down the field is all Dalton really can do sometimes.

For Dalton's efforts in this game, I'll give him a B+. He played decent enough and didn't make any major mistakes but there were some throws that could have been costlier against a better team.

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What grade are you giving Andy Dalton for his Week 8 performance?