Dennis Allen gets it right with the quarterback situation of the Saints

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It's hard to bounce back if you're the New Orleans Saints with a 2-5 record and being at the bottom of the NFC South. The team has a lot of areas of opportunity and even at quarterback, head coach Dennis Allen has his hands full as to what direction to go in but has decided to stick with the hot hand when it comes to the most important position on the team.

Allen has two veteran quarterbacks that have had some decent success in the past but are more of "right now" solutions instead of long-term ones. Jameis Winston has been injured as of late with a lingering back injury and even though he's been cleared to play, Allen has decided to rightfully stick with Dalton for now.

In an article written by Katherine Terrell
, she confirmed that even though Winston has been a full participant in practice this week, Allen is starting Dalton for Sunday's Week 8 matchup at home against the Las Vegas Raiders. In the grand scheme of things, it's the right call for the Saints.

Andy Dalton gives the New Orleans Saints the best chance to win

Dalton has been playing well enough for most of October that he does give the Saints the best chances to win football games. Over the last four games Dalton has played, he's been able to keep those chains moving, score touchdowns, and do his part to make the offense as efficient as it can be.

As long as Dalton continues to do this, Allen did confirm he'll continue to keep Dalton under center. It also makes sense that even though Winston looks seemingly ready to resume starting duties again, perhaps he can benefit from another week or two as a backup to heal up even more. This season doesn't look promising at all for the Saints but for now, they should be fine with Dalton starting.

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If anything, this goes to show that the Saints are in dire need of a new franchise quarterback. It might be a while before they have one that can come right in and take care of business but they definitely need to make it a top priority going into the offseason. Either way, Dalton is in and all we can do is hope he does his part to help end their current two-game losing streak.