Top five free agency signings in New Orleans Saints history

Drew Brees, Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees, Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages
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Joe Horn, New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

Free agency is here, and the New Orleans Saints already kicked us off with a bang. In that spirit, let's look back at the times the Saints struck big.

NFL free agency (technically the "legal tampering period" but we know what's good here) is finally here, and many will be glued to Twitter looking to get updates on which player is signing with which team. The fans of the New Orleans Saints didn't have to wait long, as it was announced that Derek Carr was going to be the new quarterback of the Saints days ago.

Fans are really hoping that the signing of Carr will be a significant one, and one that is looked at fondly. With that said, we've already took a walk down the dark side of memory lane by revisiting the five worst free agency signings in the history of the Saints, so now, we'll revisit the best.

Number five free agency signing in Saints history: Joe Horn - Wide Receiver (2000)

When the Saints brought in little known Kansas City Chiefs wideout Joe Horn in 2000, they had no idea that the seldom used pass-catcher would go on to become arguably the greatest wide receiver in the history of the franchise, as well as one of the premier (and slept-on) weapons of the early 2000s. That might sound like a stretch, but imagine what he would have been able to do in his early 2000s prime with Drew Brees.

Kids, YouTube is your friend, so do yourselves a favor and look up Joe Horn highlights if you don't believe us. Before you even ask, the answer is yes, cell phones did used to look like that. See that? You learn something new every day, and you have Horn to thank.