Chris Olave receives a special title for the Saints as New Orleans prepares for 2024

As the New Orleans Saints prepare for the 2024 season, wide receiver Chris Olave is receiving special recognition ahead of his third NFL season.
New Orleans Saints Mandatory Minicamp
New Orleans Saints Mandatory Minicamp / Derick E. Hingle/GettyImages

The New Orleans Saints are entering a big season in 2024. After three straight years without a playoff appearance, this upcoming season is a make-or-break year for the franchise. Another mediocre season will likely lead to massive changes. If the team can’t win the NFC South and secure a playoff spot, the Saints will probably move on from head coach Dennis Allen, as well as several other staple veterans.

One person New Orleans won’t be moving on from anytime soon is wide receiver Chris Olave. Olave has already put together two solid seasons, surpassing 1000 receiving yards in each of his first two years in the league. Now, he’s entering year three with heightened expectations. Olave is entering the season as the unquestioned No. 1 receiver for the Saints, and he’ll be asked to establish himself as a top receiver in the league this season.

As Olave prepares for that challenge, he recently received a special title for a New Orleans team that isn’t loaded with young talent. David Kenyon, in a recent Bleacher Report piece, named every team’s most promising building block entering the 2024 season. To make this list, players have had to play at least one snap in the NFL, still be on their rookie contract, and not have any Pro Bowl or All-Pro selections.

With that criteria in mind, Kenyon named Chris Olave as the most promising building block in New Orleans.

Chris Olave is Saints’ most promising building block

Olave was the obvious answer; he’s clearly the team’s best young player. Still, Kenyon explained what made him special, detailing that league-wide notoriety is near for Olave, and it’s something that he should be able to sustain for a while.

"Pro Bowl-type recognition may be around the corner for Chris Olave, considering he already has a couple of 1,000-yard seasons. New Orleans would be justified to believe he'll headline the receiving corps for the remainder of the decade—and maybe more."

David Kenyon (Bleacher Report)

The Saints certainly hope this is the case. Head coach Dennis Allen has made it clear that the team needs Olave to take things up a notch in every way possible. With Michael Thomas no longer in New Orleans, Olave is the man now, and he’ll be the focal point of the passing attack. 2024 could be the year that he ascends to the upper tier of receivers in the league.